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7 ways kiosk technology ensures safe access control and visitor management

Security/Access Control Visitor Management

Access control and visitor management systems will play a major role in business and society, today and going forward. Implementation of an effective access control and visitor management system can help stop the spread of viruses, increase security and enhance the efficiency of businesses.


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Visual of the imageHOLDERS access control kiosk family

Since the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it became overwhelmingly apparent that we need greater and more advanced access control systems that empower business agility and security, and interactive access control kiosks can help achieve just that. Read on to find out how digital kiosk technology can help ensure safe access control and visitor management.

1 Frictionless technology is here to stay

During the pandemic, our attention was strongly diverted to what we touch and how often our hands come into contact with surfaces, and more and more companies began to turn to no-touch tech and contactless devices.

With touchless self-service kiosks, access can be granted by gesture control interaction, biometrics, barcode scanners, using apps remotely and voice recognition, making it a safe and secure option for access control management.

2 Antimicrobial screen protectors and add-on health conscious devices

While many business are turning to touchless digital kiosks, we are unlikely to say goodbye to the touchscreen, now or ever. It is important, however, to keep digital visitor management kiosks clean and safe for customers to use. Because of that reason, we have developed solutions to make touchscreen displays and tablet enclosures safer to touch with the help of anti-microbial screen protectors.

In addition to that, imageHOLDERS digital kiosks can be integrated with multiple health screening devices, such as hand sanitiser dispensers, temperature check cameras and QR code scanners which help ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors.

3 Increased border access control

Range of airport kiosks.

During the pandemic it also became compellingly clear that greater access control systems are required at borders. Barcode and passport scanners, printers and fever detection technology are all increasingly necessary at airports, docks and borders.

At imageHOLDERS, we can retro fit these devices to existing access control kiosks or build into new products to meet the current requirements. Modular design means that any added devices can also be removed if they are no longer required, thus future proofing your products.

4 Biometrics and facial recognition

Biometrics are a form of identification which is traditionally used for security, such as border control and police profiling. However, as passwords and pin numbers become compromised, biometric identification has also started to replace commercial resources such as phone passwords and key fobs at work.

A biometric kiosk could be a fingerprint kiosk or, by incorporating a facial recognition camera, a touchless kiosk allowing for a contactless check in. A touchless user interface is becoming rapidly more popular post-pandemic.

5 Safely admitting guests to premises

Three imageHOLDERS countertop touchscreen kiosks with add on devices

Safely admitting guests can be improved in multiple ways by a digital visitor management kiosk. Touchless devices such as facial recognition cameras and QR code scanners efficiently admit people onto a premises whilst limiting the amount of surfaces being touched.

There are many ways that visitor management kiosks can enhance security when giving guests and visitors access. They can pre-register for a guest pass online or via an app, the digital kiosk can do a biometric scan for a certain amount of time, QR scanners can admit visitors with a temporary guest pass or guest passes can also be instantly printed by an integrated printer.

Digital kiosk technology for guests was especially important during the pandemic for being able to track people who are in the building and have been in the building previously – which is incredibly helpful for track and trace.


6 Reduce queues and support social distancing

Compact self-service kiosk with card swipe reader for cruise company

During the pandemic it became overwhelmingly apparent that social distancing is actually quite difficult to execute in certain environments. Installing interactive self-service kiosks can encourage customers to keep a safe distance from one another.

The digital visitor management kiosks can be deployed 6ft away from each other and, if the store or office is not big enough, privacy screens can be introduced to separate the kiosks.

This also adds extra safety measures for client-facing staff such as receptionists and security.

7 Ensure your kiosk is future proofed

A visual demonstrating various add on devices for the imageHOLDERS computer kiosks enclosures

Access control kiosks can be custom designed and retrofitted to fit your specific company’s requirements. Devices such as barcode/QR scanners, hand sanitiser dispensers, thermal fever detection cameras, card readers and scanners can all be added and removed from your product as and when they are needed.

Therefore, cameras or QR scanners can be removed for a less invasive time, but added when risk mitigation function is necessary.

During and post-pandemic, effective access control systems will always be required and, in turn, so will the demand for businesses to be adaptable and innovative, and digital visitor management kiosk are the best way to be prepared.

Are you interested in our digital access control kiosk solution? At imageHOLDERS, we produce optimal digital kiosk custom-made for your business. Ensures safe access control and visitor management with our interactive self-service kiosks fully integrated with passport scanners, temperature checks cameras, biometric readers and more. Contact us today to get started.

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