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How kiosk technology is assisting the return of tourism and international travel

Global travel will return, but the way we travel will be considerably different to what we are used to. Technology allows us to adapt to a ‘new normal’, with frictionless and health conscious devices at every step of the way.

Below we have looked at how we can expect kiosk technology to assist global travel.


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Range of airport kiosks.

Air Travel

Currently, interactive kiosks are at the forefront of the changes at airports and docks, border control, arrivals and departures and during flights. Going forward, we predict a surge in biometric enrolment, prior to the day of travel. This technological development is already well under way and applied in various scenarios.

A completely integrative and inclusive biometric solution could be transformative for frictionless flights and higher-security at borders, therefore reducing the risk of spreading viruses, whilst also improving efficiency and security.

1 Check-In Kiosks & Bag Drops

Self-service kiosks with integrated scanners, scales for bag drops, printers and, if necessary, contactless payment devices can singlehandedly manage the check-in stage of travel.

Simply scanning a barcode can automatically print the relevant boarding passes and baggage tags. An added payment device allows people to upgrade their flight, change seats and add luggage all at the hands of the same kiosk. This can either be done by using the touchscreen, fitted with an antimicrobial screen protector and after using a hand sanitizer dispenser to antibac hands, or touchlessly using a mobile app.

2 Passport and Boarding Pass Scanning Kiosks

Passport scanners, biometric fingerprint readers and facial recognition cameras allow for the highest border control security yet, and it can all be done frictionlessly using an integrated kiosk solution.

Advanced body and bag screening eliminates the need for more contact and the removal of liquids, belts, shoes and other jewellery to allow a seamless security check of travellers and their hand luggage.

3 Departures Self-Service

Kiosks solutions will also promote self-service shopping for reduced queues, higher efficiency, adhering to social distancing measures and mitigating the physical contact risk of spreading viruses and diseases. Contactless payments further the speed and health and safety measures.

Kiosks can also be used in pubs and restaurants allowing for people to view the menu and order straight from tablet on their table. Again, visitor management kiosks can be used at the entrance to shops and restaurants, should more health and safety checks be deemed necessary.

4 Missing Baggage

Technology allows baggage to be tracked. Kiosks at arrival can be used to report lost baggage or for the airline company to help locate any missing baggage. Paired with check-in baggage drops and kiosk scanners, your luggage is much less likely to go missing.

Compact self-service kiosk with card swipe reader for cruise company

The Cruise Industry

Cruiselines can optimise efficiency and futurize cruise ships with digital kiosks. Whether this be speeding up the embarkment processes, improving customer experiences or providing resources, whichare more cost-favourable than additional members of staff.

1 Check-In Kiosks

Customers can be directed to a tablet enclosure or staff based on their needs, leading to reduced queues, an increased satisfaction rate and better service. The Check-In self service kiosks ensure customers are always able to check in or out with ease and pay outstanding bills quickly and easily.

Plus, cruise lines can adhere to health and safety guidelines with fully integrated kiosk enclosures. Fever check cameras and hand sanitiser dispensers can be added as standard.

2 Hospitality

Tablets displayed in enclosures on tables can engage with customers even when staff are not available to assist. A bar kiosk can provide a digital menu or entertainment hub, which can upsell even when staff are busy.

The positive impact that hospitality kiosks are having on services can also be used to improve back of house functions. Orders and requests can be processed automatically with digital kiosk menus and sent to the intended recipient quickly and easily. Tasks can be completed efficiently and with reduced errors.

3 Digital Signage

iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures can encourage interactivity with customers, whilst the hospitality sectors on a cruise line can enhance their service with a digital experience.

Totem kiosks can be used as clear and engaging digital signage to help holidaymakers navigate the cruise ship.

4 Booking Activities & Excursions

Lobby kiosks can be used as a digital concierge for booking restaurant reservations, excursions or spa visits. Safety devices can be added to the kiosk to make sure all customers booking onto trips are health checked, such as fever check cameras, scanners for vaccine passports and hand sanitiser dispensers.


Technology is not only aiding the re-opening of establishments, but will ensure that they stay open. Visitor management and self-service kiosk solutions are at the forefront of technology in hospitality.

Kiosk solutions can be deployed for visitor management, staff access control, takeaway services, booking systems, self-service and more.

1 Self Check-In & Customer Service

Self check-in kiosks in hotels increase customer flow, reduce queues and limits face-to-face contact to mitigate risk of transmission.

An added payment device allows for customers to buy optional upgrades for their holiday on the self check-in kiosk, thus increasing opportunistic sales and overall revenue.

Additionally, the touchscreens can be fitted with anti-microbial screen protectors to reduce the build up of bacteria and germs, whilst reducing glare. These screens are more resilient and can be cleaned with stronger detergents.

2 Key Drop

imageHOLDERS kiosks are secure by nature, which makes them the perfect solution for speedy key drops. Integrated devices such as scanners allow holidaymakers to easily scan their key card or a QR booking code to drop the card or physical key in a secure key drop compartment. Payment devices can also be added to ensure any remaining bills are settled before they leave.

3 Room Service

Interactive kiosks in rooms can be used for easy room service ordering and will actually encourage more impulse buys due to the attractive and engaging design of the kiosk. Food can be ordered via the touchscreen, along with turndown service and payment for extra facilities and amenities. Booking trips and excursions or taxis with the hotel can also be done via an in-room kiosk.

4 Waiting & Housekeeping Staff

Our Dock & Lock kiosk solution is portable, therefore can be used by customers when locked in place or by waiting staff on the move. The waiting staff can use the kiosk to take orders with minimal room for human error and therefore more happy customers. When staff is reduced during hours with less footfall, kiosks can be used for self-service which reduces overheads for the hotel.

Housekeeping can also use kiosks on the move to keep tabs on which rooms have been cleaned and can also note or highlight which rooms need further amenities, so the hotel stays clean and organised at all times.

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