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Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

imageHOLDERS specialises in interactive self-service kiosk solutions tailored to your business, regardless of industry. Our modular self-service kiosk technology is ideal for use in a range of industries and can be customised with add-on devices to suit your customer’s needs, such as payment devicesscannerscameras and printers.

Improve Efficiency

Self service kiosk technology enhances the user journey by increasing engagement and making life simpler for both the customer and the company. imageHOLDERS self-order kiosks and assisted self-service kiosk solutions can even boost efficiency, productivity and revenue. We offer counter mounted, wall mounted and freestanding tablet enclosures, as well as larger computer kiosks such as our 42-inch Totem self-service kiosk.

Boost Revenue & Reduce Queues

Self service kiosks contribute to boosted revenue at multiple stages of the user journey, and easy and efficient user journeys encourage return visits and purchases.

Efficient self-service kiosks can accommodate higher footfall whilst self service ordering kiosks incentivise higher spend and more impulse buys.

Self-service kiosks are easy to use and incredibly efficient, and therefore also ideal for check-in and registration when it comes to visitor management.

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Industries that Benefit from Self-Service Kiosks




Banks & Financial Services

Leisure & Entertainment

Offices & Workplaces

Public Service


Key Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks

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