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Biometric Kiosks

Biometrics are a form of identification which is traditionally used for security, such as border control and police profiling. However, as passwords and pin numbers become compromised, biometric identification has become part of our daily life, from phone passwords to key fobs at work. Biometric kiosks can use fingerprint technology, or incorporate a facial recognition camera for contactless check-ins. Hands free access control uses a combination of retina and facial recognition to authenticate biometrics.

Types of Biometric Kiosks

There are five primary types of biometrics used within access control:

  1. Eyes (iris recognition). This uses identifying features within the iris.
  2. Eyes (retina recognition). This uses the patterns of veins at the back of the eye.
  3. Face recognition. This process analyzes facial features.
  4. Fingerprint recognitions. This uses the finger pattern.
  5. Finger geometry recognition. This uses 3D finger image to determine identity.

Biometrics Kiosks in Industries


Passport scanners, biometric fingerprint kiosks and facial recognition cameras allow for the highest border control security yet, and it can all be done frictionlessly using an integrated biometric kiosk solution.

Security & Access Control

Access control defines the way by which resources are protected and kept secure. As biometric kiosk technology has advanced and more and more industries invest in its development, the technology has become accessible for consumers to easily use. Users are able to simply place their fingerprint on the scanner and be able to access office space.


Customers can gain access to their leisure complexes or premises in which they have membership without the hassle with a card or sign in. They can simply use a biometric kiosk for quick entry.

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Working with imageHOLDERS

We aim to understand your business, problem areas, opportunities for growth and goals first. We can then advise and/or build on the best biometric kiosk solution for you that will not only overcome those problem areas but also drive revenue, increase efficiency and promote productivity in the process. Health and safety measures are at the forefront of the design, and we have many devices and accessories that promote necessary precautions.

Add-On Devices

imageHOLDERS enclosures are built using modular architecture, making it easy to integrate and/or retro-fit the devices that your business requires. We are proud to remain software and hardware agnostic, allowing your business to have the perfect combination of devices to increase revenue, productivity, efficiency and engagement within its industry. Find out more about our process.

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