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imageHOLDERS Support FingoPay Launch at Brunel University

imageHOLDERS supported the launch of FingoPay, in Costcutter at Brunel University, with their stylish and secure integrated tablet kiosks. Fingopay Event Brunel Uni London - Floor Standing Graphic Panel - Finger Vein Scanner

imageHOLDERS designed a secure kiosk stand to integrate Sthalers finger vein reader, FingoPay within a floor standing Expo, with a branded front panel and shelf to sit the finger vein reader. The secure tablet kiosk integrates the Linx 10 from Exertis, a windows based tablet. The kiosk provides a secure way for users to join FingoPay and the branded graphic panel highlights the key USPs of the solution.

Sthaler was onsite at Brunel University, promoting their work with Costcutter by offering the first 1000 students to signup a £5 credit. The promotion was picked up on international news, and was highly praised by students and reporters alike. The students were assisted by representatives from Sthaler, and provided their details through the secure tablet to sign up to the finger vein payment software.

Nicholas Dryden, CEO, Sthaler said: “The imageHOLDERS tablet kiosks are a great way to offer Fingopay embedded within an integrated solution, alongside a tablet or touch screen. Fingopay is an ideal payments solution for retailers – for both point-of-sale purchases, and as a digital loyalty solution which can identify repeat customers and apply loyalty rewards accordingly. We look forward to continuing our relationship with imageHOLDERS.”

Adrian Thompson, CEO, imageHOLDERS said: “FingoPay offers a revolutionary way of accepting payment, by mapping the veins within the finger, it provides a highly secure solution. By ensuring we can integrate the finger vein reader within our secure kiosks, we can provide end users with a complete POS solution, and move further towards a paperless system. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Sthaler.”

Philip G. Armstrong, Linx Business Development Manager, Exertis said: “FingoPay enables innovative and secure payments. It’s great to see a windows tablet used in a robust self-service payment solution. It was a pleasure to work with Adrian and the team.”

imageHOLDERS have been working closely with Sthaler to securely enclose the finger vein reader within a variety of different secure tablet kiosks, including wall mounted and counter mounted variations, which have been used at multiple promotional events.

Fingopay works with retail, hospitality and entertainment businesses to take payments, apply loyalty rewards and provide a digital receipt.

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