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Financial & Banking Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are changing the face of in-branch banking and how we use Post Office services.

Integrating self-service terminals in banking establishments empowers customers to do more independently. With a banking digital kiosk solution customers can check balances, print bank statements or scan cheques quickly in store. As a result, banks are able to save on resources and ensure financial advisors are available to provide advice and support, maximising efficiency.

Key Benefits

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Keep up with fintech banks by creating the bank of the future for your customers. Self-service banking kiosks give customers the opportunity to interact with banks in new ways.

Improved Security

Our touch screen, digital bank kiosks can be integrated with fingerprint scanners; so that banks can ensure a secure process of logging in and out of internet banking.

Reduced Queues

Customers can be directed to a self-service banking kiosk or financial advisers based on their needs, leading to reduced queues, an increased satisfaction rate and better service.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Keep customers entertained while branch staff step away to process paperwork, or in general while people wait with entertainment kiosks.

Omnichannel Banking

Synchronise online banking and in branch banking for the ultimate customer experience.

Less Paperwork and Fewer Mistakes

Inputting information digitally with kiosk banking saves time, reduces errors and makes the customer experience faster and more enjoyable.

Many industries are seeing technology greatly impact their traditional structure, and none more so than the banking industry. With online banking, mobile apps and easy to access assistance, instore banking needs to make the most of the valuable retail space whilst ensuring the expectations of customers are surpassed with superior experience and service.
Peter Thompson, Director – imageHOLDERS
Pete Thompson - Director - imageHOLDERS
Visual of imageHOLDERS banking self-service kiosk range

Increase Branch Footfall

Over the next decade, an estimated half of all US bank branches are expected to disappear due to significant overhead costs and lack of use. Increase your footfall by adapting to technological change with tablet kiosks. Get in touch to learn more about our banking kiosks.

Postal Services

With the continuous increase in online shopping, we rely on our global postal services. The private postal services and the Post Office have a wide variety of services within their networks. For the Post Office Ltd alone, there are currently around 11,500 branches across the UK. A postal service kiosk will drive traffic in both Post Office Ltd storesshop partners and private postal service companies.
There can be different prices, specification and levels of automation as required for the users. Whether this be for financial services, postage or retail. 

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