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8 Ways Tablet Enclosures Benefit Banking

Over the next decade, an estimated half of all US bank branches are expected to disappear due to significant overhead costs and lack of use. Increase your footfall by adapting to technological change with tablet kiosks.

Taking a trip to the bank is not an enjoyable life admin task. Many dislike the long queues, being treated like a number and poor customer service, yet not much has changed over the years. Evidently this has resulted in many banks closing their doors rather than listening to their customers’ needs and evolving the branch.

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To combat the anticipated decline of branches here’s 8 ways tablet enclosures can benefit banking:

1.Access to self-service

We trust digital information more than people, preferring self-serve solutions to human contact. Tablet kiosks can be integrated with bespoke software to facilitate internet banking with quick access to account information, services and tools. By introducing self-service tablet kiosks in banks, costs for employees can be reduced and customers may be more likely to visit.

2. Reduced queues

With multiple iPad floor stands linked up to internet banking, queue waiting times can be eliminated. Customers can be directed to enclosures or employees based on their needs, leading to an increased satisfaction rate and better service.

3. Less paperwork and fewer mistakes

Any aspect of banking that requires paperwork or filling out paper forms will amass extensive costs; from manual checks to printing and filing. Entering and saving information digitally with iPad enclosures will save time, reduce errors and make the customer experience faster and more enjoyable. Data can be collected for account registrations, surveys and more, and kept secure in a database for retrieval and report making.

4. Demonstrations of online banking

Employees can train customers and staff on online banking with iPad or tablet floor stands anywhere in the branch, improving understanding and ultimately enhancing the sale.

5. Improved security

imageHOLDERS iPad kiosks can be integrated with fingerprint scanners; banks can ensure a secure process of logging in and out of internet banking within their branches.

6. Enhanced customer experience

Tablet kiosks are a great diversion to keep customers entertained whilst the branch staff step away to process paperwork, or in general whilst people wait.

7. More marketing opportunities

Display marketing material, offers and competitions by waiting areas and customer service cubicles, to entice customers to interact with the touch screen kiosks, learn more or sign up.

8. A more inviting branch layout

A typical branch interior consists of a corporate layout, with plain office partitions and cubicles that aren’t particularly inviting to customers. Create an open plan space with secure iPad wall mounts and tablet floor stands that invite customers to use them, and allow employees to provide on the spot service. imageHOLDERS floor standing tablet kiosks, such as the Shell+ table kiosk with curved graphic panel can be branded to represent the bank and enhance this further.

Increase footfall in your bank with a tablet kiosk, such as the Slimline 12 secure wall mounted kiosk from imageHOLDERS. Talk to the team today by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].