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Technology Transforming the Banking Industry

Banking has changed dramatically over the past ten years. With the power of the internet, and financial services being provided through digital platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, it’s not a surprise that banks are disappearing from our high streets, yet the demand for banks and their services remains essential for their customers.

As bank’s tangible presence gets smaller, they still need to provide as much help and assistance as before, providing everything a customer can access online, instore. Technology has long been a part of the banking industry, from ATM’s to automated cash counting, but there’s a need for more.  

Zuant Tablet Kiosk Floor Stand with LED Graphic Panel

The Move Towards Technology

Banks are making the move towards using technology to communicate with their customers, through apps and other digital platforms which work remotely on customers phones, tablets and computers. With the industry trending towards contactless payment and digital wallets, the banks are starting to invest more in the services which make them unique, the ability to provide face to face information. Whilst there is a distinct move to target millennials with digital platforms, the majority of big financial decisions are being made by customers who feel far more comfortable speaking directly to an advisor, whether on the phone or in person.

Going Online Instore

With the influx of transaction motivated visits being moved online, instore banks are moving towards consultations and other financial services which customers prefer to do face to face. With this move, technology is helping the user journey in store.

To work in cost and space effective ways, banks are using the technological advances available through tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks to integrate the ease and sophistication of digital platforms, which take up less space and are able to provide all the information which customers may require on a day to day level.

This leaves available space to integrate the comforts of home, such as sofas and coffee tables, which encourage customers to engage with advisors who can provide a personal and homely touch to any advice, ensuring a relaxed and approachable manner.

Tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks suitable for all industries from retail to hospitality.

Instore Banking and Tablet Kiosks

Tablet enclosures can be counter mounted, floor standing or wall mounted, providing the most space efficient solutions. The enclosures can work as simple engagements, whether that’s checking in for a meeting, finding a phone number, or checking your balance.

imageHOLDERS are specialists within device integration, the process of securely enclosing a device such as a printer or NFC reader alongside a tablet. This provides a multi-device solution which can print out bank statements, transaction receipts or scan cheques.

With imageHOLDERS floor standing tablet enclosure comfortably enclosing an A4 printer, users wishing to print their statement can use a tablet enclosures instore, and walk out with a hard copy for their records.

By integrating the technology which is readily available at home, as well as the advice and personability of financial advisors, banks can save on resources and make more efficient use of space whilst maximising their potential.

Contact imageHOLDERS today to discuss using a secure iPad tablet enclosure within your business. Please call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) for more information or to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email [email protected].

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