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Fast Food Self-Service Kiosks

Fast food should be fast, right? It’s in the name. Fast food restaurants often need to accommodate heavy footfall and this can be easily managed by the implementation of quick service restaurant kiosks and digital menu signage.

Fast Food Kiosks

A fast food kiosk, also known as a quick service restaurant kiosk gives the customer control of their order, encourages engagement and, with the entire menu to peruse, the customer is more likely to buy more. imageHOLDERS custom fast food kiosks are the future of fast food – giving more availability to in-house staff to focus on other tasks, including providing prompt and efficient service to paying customers. Most fast food restaurants are already seeing the benefits of installing interactive menu boards, and they are only going to become more widely used.

Key Benefits of Fast Food Kiosks

Increase footfall

Incentivise customers with interactive menu boards

Upsell with ease

Interactive fast food kiosks in restaurants see orders of desserts and appetizers increase by 30%

Queue bust

Halve customer wait time by implementing a self-order fast food kiosk

Self-order fast food kiosks have been shown to shorten queue times by up to half, whilst increasing customer satisfaction. These are just a couple of the reasons you will have seen a huge incline in self-service solutions in fast-food environments.

Quick service restaurant kiosks future-proof fast-food businesses by reducing wait times, streamlining production in the kitchen, making payment quick and easy and increasing the overall business revenue. At imageHOLDERS we design interactive fast food kiosks that will ensure customers get the most effortless user experience while saving businesses time and money.


Consumers would rather use an electronic payment system


Say self-ordering kiosks are a factor in choosing fast food restaurants


Increase in orders of desserts and appetizers when using a fast food kiosk


Less wait time in a fast food restaurant that uses interactive menu boards

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6 Ways Fast Food Self Service Kiosks Increase Sales:

1 Efficient payment processing making taking payment quick and easy for the customer

2 Improved customer service by both the kiosk technology and the now freed up staff

3 Data collection of invaluable customer behaviour and stock insights is made simple

4 Reduced waiting times

5 Increased customer loyalty by offering improved service and on-screen loyalty schemes

6 Overall improved customer experience where they feel more in control and have the option of on-screen entertainment

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