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Why should your company invest in access control?

The importance of security is a hot topic amongst all industries, as everything from computer viruses to encryption can affect the day to day running of any business. But the physical security of an office or place of work is also incredibly important, we look at the benefits of using access control within the workplace.

Slimline 10 Glass Window Mount Secure Tablet EnclosureThe use of biometrics within day to day life has increased dramatically over the past few years. A recent study has revealed that an estimated 600 million smartphones with biometrics are in use, representing 28% of smartphones globally. This acceptance of biometrics as a method of access control to a personal phone has also affected the use of biometrics within companies and businesses.

While some companies may not require biometrics, and may be suitably protected by using personal pins, some companies may need a multi-layered approach providing a strong security system, but this is entirely depending on the projected security breaches and intended uses of the security system. By requiring biometrics plus a personal pin number can ensure a high level of security as a first instance of entering any premises, with the simple use of a fingerprint scanner internally for access to stock control or security rooms.

The variations and levels of control, ensure that no matter what level of security is needed, there is combination that works to the required degree. Access control can be accessed using different credentials:

  • Key card
  • ID tag
  • Smartphone app
  • PIN
  • Biometric data

These different types vary in cost of maintenance, and depend on the level of required security and use. While traditional key cards and ID tags are still very popular, there has been a dramatic move to biometric data access.

So apart from controlling access to offices and buildings, what else can using access control bring to the table?

Health and SafetyBOH Hospitality Website Banner

By having up to date information on everyone who is inside a building ensures a concise list of where people are, if there is need to evacuate a building. This information could be accessible on a device such as a tablet used by the health and safety officer, ensuring that it can simply be picked up and taken to the meeting point without having to collect a folder, or print out a document from a computer.

Employee rota

By getting people to clock in using biometrics means that the system is reliable, no sneaky clocking in on behalf of someone by using their fob key or PIN number! With the assurance that people who have clocked in are actually within the premises, fire lists and rotas are up to date and definitive in their data. By getting people to clock in and out for lunch breaks ensures that if people pop out for a coffee or to the shops, the system knows they’re not on the premises in case of an emergency, and also ensures accurate data for rotas.

Room access control systems

Whilst access control is vital for areas such as security rooms, other departments and areas such as meeting rooms or store cupboards can benefit from controlled access. By booking out a meeting room, a tablet enclosure wall mounted system can prevent parties who haven’t reserved from accessing the room and throwing your schedule off kilter. You can also ensure that visitors only have access to areas which are suitable to their role. The Slimline 10 Plus wall mounted tablet kiosk with card reader is an effective way to control room access by requiring ID scans before entry.

Visitor management tablet kiosk019_10_000 Integrator Pro Tablet Kiosk with Printer, Contactless Reader and Fingerprint Scanner-2

By using a visitor management system, guests can sign in and print out a visitor badge or label and scan in a valid form of ID if needed. By using a secure tablet kiosk for this, the data will be available on the software should this be needed for emergency evacuation or for future reference. You can also set up an email system to thank visitors for visiting, or email them their schedule or a map if needed.

Key control

If a traditional key is lost or stolen, the only way to counter act the possible security breach would be to change all locks the key is associated with. By using pin codes or biometric keys, the pin code can simply be deleted from the system, or the biometrics erased should the access become compromised by dismissal or a pin code being shared.

Time restrictions

While traditional keys can ensure access to a place of work at all times, a digital access control system can ensure that not everyone has 24/7 access. By running through a digital system, if emergency access is needed outside of stipulated hours, remote access can ensure that the workplace remains secure whilst providing the required access.


Access control is becoming a hot topic within imageHOLDERS, with more and more inquiries coming in for secure tablet enclosures which work within businesses to ensure security. The benefits of tablet enclosures ensure that the product is able to do more than simply controlling access, with the ability to show reminders, schedules or work as a digital sign, quite simply put, the possibilities are endless!

Contact imageHOLDERS today to discuss using a secure iPad tablet enclosure as a point of access control. Please call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) for more information or to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email [email protected].


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