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3 Benefits of Using Tablet & iPad Kiosks in Libraries

The number of library users has fallen dramatically since the rise of computer technology. So how are libraries integrating technology initiatives with iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures to buckle the trend?

Libraries are essential for building communities by learning and sharing information, but as so much is now available digitally at our fingertips, library use has fallen by 40 million people in just four years. This is why libraries are adopting new digital strategies to keep up with technology, such as installing a secure tablet or iPad stand.

There are many benefits of integrating secure tablet and iPad enclosures into academic, public and school libraries, including:

1. Tablet kiosks contain thousands of resources

Many tablets support e-reading apps, such as the kindle or iBook store, which host millions of books and informational resources – more than a library could contain. E-books are cheaper to purchase and libraries can make them available to anyone simply by installing a secure iPad kiosk.

School and university students can benefit from this enormously, eliminating the cost of textbooks – which are often hundreds of dollars – by accessing online versions on the tablet kiosks. This can be controlled via a login or credit system.

San Francisco’s public library noticed publications becoming more popular online and decided to switch to digital by installing countertop tablet kiosks. Named the eNews Center, it is linked exclusively to newspaper digital subscriptions and hundreds of other periodicals, all available to view on the 6 secure counter mounted iPad stands.


Secure Counter Mounted Tablet Enclosures for Education

2. Engaging learners & enhancing concentration

Tablets and their touch screen, multi-app capabilities are engaging for children, keeping them focused for longer. A library with a tablet kiosk can motivate them to learn, especially when installed with the best education apps for an all-rounded educational experience.

Drexel University and the free library of Philadelphia installed a tablet kiosk with card reader and an iPad checkout system. The iPads can be checked in and out from the kiosk, and have pre-installed apps to help with literacy, geography and more.

3. Providing new services & controlling inventory

It’s difficult and expensive for libraries to manually keep track of inventory and update it when new resources are added. Tablet enclosures can be integrated with a scanner to check in and out books for visitors to use, and for staff to keep track of.

AT MIT, the Hayden library installed a ‘Find It’ tablet enclosure for visitors to find books, scanners, copiers and printers, nearby food and drink options, restroom locations and a campus map.

Integrator Pro with Printer, Contactless and Biometric Reader

As time changes and the digital sphere grows, libraries need to adapt their services accordingly. Find out how our secure tablet enclosures could be used in your library with our range of secure tablet and iPad kiosks from the Integrator Pro range.

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