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Guardian Kiosk Product Family

Our Guardian Kiosk Family are expertly designed to future proof your business. Implementing fever detection and a variety of additional health-conscious devices, the Guardian kiosks ensure that your employees, clients and visitors are protected and safe.

Fever check kiosks.

Fever Detection Technology

We’ve partnered with several market leading specialist fever detection companies to bring you a family of solutions that can be ready to use out of the box. We’ve integrated a Fever Detection Cameras into our suite of standard products to bring you an easy-to use solution for fast and reliable fever screening.

Guardian Key Features

Guardian kiosks use infrared thermal imaging technology and ready-to-use software for super-fast integrated fever detection. All kiosks are customisable to suit your specific visitor management and access control requirements.

Easy to Clean

Non-Touch Solution

Easy to Install and User Friendly

Optional Add-ons Devices

Floorstanding, Wall mounted or Countertop

Mains Powered & Data via Ethernet or WiFi

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Device Integration

Our Guardian Kiosk Family is easily customisable. With a variety of integrated devices you can be sure you have exactly the right components for efficient, safe and reliable control.

Render showing a mobile phone being scanned by a kiosk integrated with biometric scanner

Modular Solution

Our Guardian temperature kiosks can be enhanced further with the integration of other peripheral devices. Add a barcode or QR reader to enable the user to scan a pre-issued security pass and have their temperature reading linked to their check-in. Mount an RFID proximity badge reader to enable the kiosk to double up as an access control point for your building. Alternatively, mount the enclosure to the top of our integration kiosk to open up room for badge printers and access card dispensers, the possibilities are endless.

Versatility of Design

All fever screening camera modules are removable, future-proofing your kiosk for a less-invasive time and the kiosk enclosures have multiple mounting options. Our Guardian kiosks are designed to secure devices and ensure a good user experience. A combination of technical and ergonomic design ensures reliable thermal temperature reads.


Wall Mounted

Countertop & Counter Mounted

Making Guardian Kiosks work for you

Our Guardian Kiosk range is easily customisable. With a variety of integrated devices, you can be sure you have exactly the right components for an efficient, safe, and reliable temperature screening kiosk.

Our thermal imaging enabled temperature taking kiosks can be enhanced further with the integration of other peripheral devices. Add a barcode or QR reader to enable the user to scan a pre-issued security pass and have their temperature reading linked to their check-in. Mount an RFID proximity badge reader to enable the kiosk to double up as an access control point for your building. The possibilities are endless.

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