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6 ways kiosks will help hospitality remain open and thriving

We’re slowly but surely seeing the return of hospitality: hotels are opening, we can now dine in restaurants and pubs are welcoming their locals. Technology is allowing people to visit their fast-food favourites with reduced health risk and increased efficiency.

Technology is not only aiding the re-opening of establishments, but will ensure that they stay open. Visitor management and self-service kiosk solutions are at the forefront of technology in hospitality.


Visitor Management

Managing who enters the premises, and how many at a time, is crucial for the re-opening of hospitality. Staff and customers alike both need to feel safe in the environment.

Implementing a kiosk on entry can not only manage the amount of people going into the restaurant or bar, but mitigate the risk of spreading illness by using our Guardian Kiosk Family.

Our Guardian Kiosks are fitted with DERMALOG‘s Biometric Thermal Cameras, which accurately and efficiently take the temperature of the customer from a safe distance. Fever checks will ensure that no one symptomatic can enter the store.

Additionally, optional hand sanitiser dispensers can be fitted to the kiosk enclosure so no one gets caught germy-handed.


Track and Trace

Kiosks are ideal for data capture with easy-to-install software and multiple options for integration. Kiosks can easily be used by the customer and/or staff to input the relevant contact information into the system, should they need to be contacted for track and trace.

Similar software can be used for quick and efficient table booking. This is ideal for both customers and waiting staff.



Self check-in kiosks in hotels increase customer flow, reduce queues and limits face-to-face contact to mitigate risk of transmission.

An added payment device allows for customers to buy optional upgrades for their holiday on the self check-in kiosk, thus increasing opportunistic sales and overall revenue.

Additionally, the touchscreens can be fitted with anti-microbial screen protectors to reduce the build up of bacteria and germs, whilst reducing glare. These screens are more resilient and can be cleaned with stronger detergents.


Frictionless ordering

Kiosks can present clear digital signage for menus and also have the capacity for customers to order straight from the tablet. This allows quick service and an interactive restaurant experience.

Payment devices added to the kiosk enclosure allow for people to pay for the food instantly, as well as being able to order remotely. The maximum spend on contactless payments has increased to £60 in the U.K. and $100 dollars in the U.S. This allows for more purchases to be made using touchless technology.

We have never been more aware of how much we touch surfaces and devices, we are committed to producing more frictionless technology to reduce risk where it’s not needed.

Contactless payment devices can be retro-fitted onto existing products or installed into new enclosures.

Feedback and customer service

Kiosk enclosures on the exit of restaurants, bars and hotels are brilliant for engaging customers to give feedback on their experience. Feedback is imperative for the constant improvements to their facility and for positive reviews to use for marketing.

Additionally, kiosks can be used to request customer service, should there not always be someone present in reception or at the bar. This is ideal during a time where we are actively trying to reduce face-to-face contact.


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