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Why access control is necessary, now and in the future.

Access management will play a major role in business and society, today and going forward. Implementing effective access control will help stop the spread of viruses, increase security and enhance the efficiency of businesses.

We are now in uncharted territory; how we work, live, travel and socialise are all being tested and it’s imperative that we are able to adapt and adjust. imageHOLDERS are determined to help us go back to work safely and smoothly become accustomed to the ‘new normal.’

It’s overwhelmingly apparent that we need greater and more advanced control systems and we are dedicated to designing products that empower business agility and security. To do so, we must explore how access management will need to acclimate.

Wave hello to frictionless technology

With our attention strongly diverted to what we touch and how often our hands come into contact with surfaces, more and more companies are turning to no-touch tech and contactless devices.

Access can be granted by biometrics, barcode scanners, using apps remotely and voice recognition. User input via someone’s own device on an app, gesture or voice control.

This isn’t goodbye to the touchscreen, now or ever. Anti-microbial screens can be designed or retro-fitted to devices to avoid the build up of germs and bacteria. Plus, anti-microbial screen protectors are more hard wearing, reduce glare and can withstand stronger cleaning products.

Fever detection cameras

To stop the spread of the virus during travel and in workplaces and offices, it’s crucial to control who enters the building or form of transport respectively.

Infrared thermal cameras can detect, from a safe distance, whether a person has a fever and therefore cannot be granted access. We have developed our Guardian Kiosk Family, which uses fever detection technology, to power your business and protect your workforce and client base.

Border control

During this time and in the future, it is compellingly clear that greater control is required at borders. Passport and barcode scanners, printers and fever detection technology are all increasingly necessary at airports, docks and borders.

We can retro fit these devices to existing kiosks or build into new products to meet the current requirements. Modular design means that any added devices can also be removed if they are no longer required, thus future proofing your products.


Remote security management

Whilst some are going back to the workplace, others remain working from home. With workforces split or completely remote, the need for cloud or app security management is paramount.

A place of work can be unlocked, put in emergency lock down and instant guest passes can be created when necessary.

The need for on-site staff hasn’t been completely abandoned. Aforementioned QR scanners are perfect for temporary and guest passes, which can be produced and distributed to the appropriate personnel remotely. Facial recognition can be used for more permanent staff members.

With remote security, companies don’t need to depend on on-site security personnel. This not only helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus currently, but also enhances the efficiency of the business going forward.

Future proofing your visitor and access management

Kiosks can be designed and retrofitted to fit your specific company’s requirements. Devices such as barcode/QR scanners, hand sanitiser dispensers, thermal fever detection cameras, card readers and scanners can all be added and removed from your product as and when they are needed.

Therefore, cameras or QR scanners can be removed for a less invasive time, but added when risk mitigation function is necessary.

During and post-pandemic, effective access control will always be required and, in turn, so will the demand for businesses to be adaptable and innovative.