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How Digital Triage Systems Improve Emergency Care

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Electronic triage systems radically improve patient care in emergency departments, by identifying patients’ priority levels and, consequently, personalising their care. Digital systems reduce waiting times whilst improving patient experience and care.





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What Is eConsult?

eConsult has developed self-service patient check-in software that uses a comprehensive and itemised algorithm to predict patient outcomes based on their symptoms and/or the level of injury. This accelerates the initial personal assessment process.

Patients can use a healthcare kiosk that hosts eConsult’s software to check in on arrival, inputting general personal details and then answering questions that they would be asked by a nurse or clinician. This cuts the time taken for the assessment process, without taking into account queuing at reception.

Self-check-in kiosk within a hospital.


imageHOLDERS kiosk enclosures are built for optimal accessibility. They are ADA/DDA approved, can be mounted at different heights and can be designed with tilt and swivel function to allow for patients in wheelchairs.

Additionally, eConsult’s software can be used to make booking appointments, making GP enquiries and asking health-related queries online less daunting. eConsult kiosks can be deployed in pharmacies, GP surgeries or other appropriate local spaces for customers who are less adept with technology. They can visit the healthcare setting and use the software in a familiar location on their own or with the help of a member of staff. This empowers the patient to feel more confident using digital triage software online at home or to go and use the kiosk themselves without assistance.

Learn more about how digital triage can assist with patient care on the eConsult website.

Benefits of eConsult’s Self-Service Kiosks

1. Reduce Queues

The benefit of self-service kiosks is that multiple interactive terminals can be deployed, at safe distances apart to reduce the transmission of viruses, so that queues are significantly reduced.

The time taken to complete an initial assessment is significantly reduced by self-service. eConsult’s software was trialled in Queen Mary’s Sidcup and a study found that 99% of patients arriving at the hospital underwent the initial screening within 15 minutes, whilst 85% were able to complete the process in less than 5 minutes.

2. Effectively Prioritise Care & Improve Safety

The digital triage software and patient check-in systems can assess the severity of the patient’s condition and prioritise their care accordingly. Life-threatening injuries and illness are highly prioritised and can be ‘fast-tracked’ to emergency care, whilst minor injuries that are not critical can be down prioritised to allow for immediate care to those who most need it. This is far more effective than the ‘first-come, first served basis’ that has previously operated.

Highly contagious cases can be quickly identified and notification can be sent to administer immediate quarantine to help keep staff and other patients safe.

3. Reduce Patient Waiting Times

Shorter queues reduces the overall waiting time. Healthcare kiosks with digital triage software systems can identify if patients should seek more appropriate care elsewhere. If the patient does not immediately need to be seen by a healthcare professional, they may be referred to their GP instead of seeking emergency care. Less serious cases may require a phone call to 111, rather than A&E. Mild illness can be diagnosed and advice and/or medication could be prescribed.

With medical kiosks filtering patients by their specific needs, the patient receives the most appropriate care and, in turn, there is less strain on the emergency departments. Thus, reducing waiting times.

The Bottom Line

Efficient and effective emergency care in hospitals has never been more important. eConsult’s digital triagel kiosks are transformative in assisting healthcare settings and the NHS to improve patient care and save essential resources.

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