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How Digital Kiosks Have Influenced the Healthcare Industry

The global demand for digital healthcare kiosks is rising and medical kiosks are predicted to become an integral part of healthcare in the coming years.

Healthcare kiosks offer an efficient and practical solution to obstacles the healthcare industry face daily, from prolonged waiting times and dwindling patient satisfaction to outdated access control. Here are the key ways kiosk solutions are improving the healthcare industry:

Save time and increase efficiency

With the digitisation of health records, healthcare kiosks can be used to store patient data and prevent needless administration time.

Patient check-in kiosks can reduce staff costs and are ideal for wayfinding and delivering information, too. When patients arrive at your facility, they can use health kiosks to:

  • Register their name if it’s their first visit or sign in.
  • Submit and print administered prescriptions.
  • Make follow-up appointments.
  • View information and announcements.

For patients with stable chronic diseases, healthcare kiosks also have the potential to be used to complement primary care clinician visits. A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that 96% of participants who completed kiosk visits were satisfied with medical kiosks as a care delivery alternative – resulting in a reduction of 128 face-to-face primary care physician visits (Source: NCBI).

Fix the wayfinding problem

Almost one-third of first-time hospital visitors get lost. Hospital kiosk solutions make navigational issues a thing of the past. Strategically placed wayfinding digital kiosks allow visitors to find exactly where they need to go.

Get feedback for better treatment

Healthcare kiosks enable you to gather crucial patient feedback to improve service and treatment. With quantifiable data, operational processes can be reviewed and optimised accordingly.

Using anonymous feedback kiosks, your healthcare facility can ensure accurate responses. Our case study with safeguarding app, Tootoot demonstrates how feedback kiosks can be used to empower users while enhancing brand awareness.

In addition to guests and patients, digital kiosks in hospitals can also be used as staff surveys to monitor engagement and satisfaction.

Increase patient satisfaction

Despite the direct benefits to patients, there are still misconceptions that healthcare kiosks take away the human element of healthcare. But global case studies show that this is not the case.

Healthcare kiosks reduce the time spent on administration tasks, leaving more time for medical professionals to assist their patients.

Self-service kiosks in healthcare are also excellent ways to streamline prescriptions, making it easy for patients to input a few details and print prescriptions.

Improve visitor management

Another way new technology can improve patient satisfaction is with waiting room kiosks. Waiting room kiosks are particularly effective in reducing queues and setting expectations to avoid complaints.

imageHOLDERS have previously worked with world-class software provider, MEDENT, to develop an ambulatory practice patient check-in kiosk. This custom self-service kiosk allows visitors to make appointments and check-in at reception and is also ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.

Prioritise security

Digital healthcare kiosks with integrated printers have the capability to print unique visitor badges with ease. Ensuring your staff and visitors are identifiable improves security and reassures patients.

A great example of this is the visitor management kiosks imageHOLDERS developed with Who Are You. Their self-service medical kiosks allow sales representatives to check in with a unique ID to give receptionists more time for patient enquiries and improving NHS and private hospitals access control terminals.

At imageHOLDERS, we offer a range of versatile and space-efficient healthcare kiosks which can be configured to your specification. Our digital healthcare kiosks have already been deployed in public and private hospitals and can also be used for:

  • Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Doctor’s surgeries
  • Eyecare and dental offices
  • Mental health clinics

imageHOLDERS are the leading kiosk manufacturers for UK and US markets. We create future-proof digital kiosks and a range of device integration options. Our health kiosks are accessible to all and ADA and Equality Act 2010 compliant.

Get in contact with imageHOLDERS today to learn more about our hospital and medical kiosk solutions, call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or 1-888-9778 (US). Alternatively, get in touch on our Live Chat.