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5 Benefits Of Health Screening For Your Business

Health screening is becoming an imperative asset for many workplaces and businesses that require on-site personnel. Interactive healthcare kiosks and touchless temperature screening terminals are at the forefront of this movement.


Rosie Ellis



The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in people showing greater concern over transmitting illnesses and infection in general. When returning to the office 44% of people reported feelings of anxiety due to health risks, whilst 1 in 3 reported the return to work had a negative impact on their mental health. There is also a considerable rise in remote and hybrid working, with almost 1/5th of UK businesses claiming to switch to entirely remote working.

What does this mean for offices and businesses? They need to provide a safe environment for their employees and visitors to ensure their staff do not feel anxious in their workspace.

As a result, health screening is becoming an imperative asset for many workplaces and businesses that require on-site personnel. Interactive healthcare kiosks and touchless temperature screening terminals are at the forefront of this movement.


What Is A Health Check Kiosk?

A health check kiosk, or temperature screening terminal, are automated self-service terminals that are used to check the health status of your workforce. The digital kiosk enclosure can be integrated with various health screening devices such as infrared cameras for fever and temperature screening, blood pressure and heart rate monitors and even smart scales. New eye-scanning technology could even be implemented in the near future to check for a number of mild to serious conditions. A self-screening health check kiosk really does have the potential to do a full health check MOT in a matter of minutes.

Whilst not all businesses require such health analysis, many have opted for digital health screening kiosks to reduce transmission of illness in the workplace, whilst reducing their staff’s anxiety about returning to the office.

Health Screening Kiosk

Touchless health screening kiosks fitted with a large digital display, facial recognition cameras and infrared technology can efficiently scan an individual’s face and accurately report their temperature. This can identify a fever or any abnormal reading that indicates ill-health and, as a result, can prevent access to the building, thus reducing the risk of transmission.

Health screening kiosks can also integrate a touchless hand-sanitiser dispenser, ensuring all employees and visitors have sanitised hands upon entry, further reducing infection risks.

Benefits Of Health Screening Kiosks

Increased Efficiency

Health check-up kiosks provide efficient and consistent results, allowing for quick, simple and secure entry to the premises.


Interactive kiosks are ADA/DDA compliant to ensure accessibility for all. This is imperative for diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

Reduced Anxiety

Employees feel more comfortable returning to the office and can focus on work without feelings of anxiety. Heath check-up kiosks reduce staff hesitance to work in public, indoors, during cold and flu season.

Accurate Data Capture

Health check software used in healthcare kiosks is extremely accurate, offering reliable results. Capturing data is important for tracking business time and attendance and illness, recognising potential infection outbreaks within the company and noticing trends. Interactive health check kiosks also remove any human error.


Digital self-service kiosks reduce labour costs, as staff won’t need to be assigned to the entrance to check temperature readings, nor do other professionals need to be hired to administrate addition health screening. This frees up staff time to focus elsewhere in the business and reduces overall overheads.

Additionally, reducing outbreaks in the workplace ensures a healthy workforce, reducing the risk of lots of members of staff being sick at a time.

Safer Work Environment

In addition to improved security, employees and visitors are less likely to become unwell or experience reduced mental health when working from the office or workplace. Integrating digital health check-up kiosks with hand-sanitising dispensers and additional health-conscious devices reduces risk of infection transmission, increasing the overall safety of the environment.

Secure Visitor Management & Access Control

Health screening kiosks can utilise facial recognition for temperature checks AND access control. Facial recognition cameras, and integrated biometric readers, can recognise staff even when they are wearing a mask, to ensure no unauthorised personnel gains access to the premisses. Scanners can also be integrated to scan visitor passes for efficient and secure visitor management.

Digital Signage

The interactive kiosk touchscreen or LED screen can display digital signage, so that all employees and visitors can receive information. This could include health tips, updates from public health, business rules of conduct or company updates. Messages can even be put to simply improve the morale of staff that may be anxious about returning to the office!

The Bottom Line

The preference to work from home is not going away any time soon, with over 55% of American workers wishing to work remotely for a minimum of 3 days per week and 1 in 3 not wanting to work for a company that required them to return to the office full-time.

As a result, businesses that require their staff to be on-site need to ensure that employees feel comfortable in the work environment to retain their employees.


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