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7 Simple Ways Tablet Kiosks Improve Businesses

We’re all trying to keep up with technology, from the latest smartphones to digital assistants, technology is changing how we work and live.

The workplace is no different. Businesses are adopting tablet technology to help improve automation, save valuable time and improve employee satisfaction by investing in their work.

We look at 7 simple ways tablet kiosks can integrate with technology to improve businesses.

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1. Meeting Room Management Tablet Enclosures

Meetings can be the most beneficial tool to a company’s repertoire, it can also be an incredibly costly and difficult to manage resources. From meetings running over to available spaces, technology yet again can provide the cure.

Glass or wall mounting a simple tablet kiosk outside the meeting room can lay set boundaries for meetings which should not be interrupted, and by linking to the company calendar, staff can view availability and reserve the meeting room ahead of time. Instead of having to pop down to the room to see if it truly is being used, the online system can let you know at your desk whether the room is available. Providing a sleek and stylish solution to impress clients, and an efficient business tool for staff to utilise.

2. Digital Signage and Wayfinding iPad Enclosures

Signage is no longer a static element to businesses, capable of being remotely managed and updated in real time, digital signage is a key element for most businesses. Suitable for small or large corporations, digital signage can be tied to sponsors, advertising and marketing campaigns whilst being an integral part of business management, maximising every element of business.

In large businesses, universities or corporate campuses, it can be difficult to assist in wayfinding for multiple different visitors or staff. By providing a wayfinding kiosk to assist in locating spaces, visitors can then send the directions to smartphones. Linking up the ease of providing directions as well as providing an easy to use solution for visitors.Shell Slim Tablet Kiosks for Restaurants and Entertainment Hubs

3. Employee Time Management Tablet Kiosks

Where traditional punch in machines allow for misuse, digital clock-in kiosks ensure businesses can be positive the information that’s being recorded is accurate. By utilising the tablet’s inbuilt camera for facial recognition, businesses have a simple system which invests in employee management and prevents time-theft whilst increasing data reliance.

A system which can be relied upon, is quick and simple to use and provides real-time data is necessary for every business. Time management kiosks are becoming the norm in most companies with the imageHOLDERS wall mounted Slimline range being a popular solution.

4. Digital Receptionist iPad Kiosk

A digital receptionist is available 24/7 with no downtime to compliment your reception team. A simple solution for self-service check-in kiosks, directions to amenities and assistance with wayfinding. A digital receptionist is available to provide information for visitors in a stylish and easy to use solution. The visitors intended host can receive a notification from the digital receptionist to let them know their guest has arrived, which can be delivered to a phone, computer or tablet.

Upgrade the solution by in integrating a badge printer, and your visitors are easily recognisable and can access areas pre-designated for meetings, tours or for maintenance.

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5. Entertainment Tablet Enclosures

Canteens, receptions areas and staff rooms are an ideal place to utilise an infotainment kiosk. Capable of surfing the internet, visiting social media or viewing the latest company news, visitors and staff alike can use entertainment kiosks and also share their experience on social media all in one stylish solution.

6. Digital Sign-in Kiosks

With the new GDPR in place, data protection has never been more important. By installing sign-in kiosks, visitors can clearly provide their data, provide permissions for data usage and be uploaded to the system in real-time. No more paper books which allow visitors to see the information of the previous signees, or being left in a cupboard once full. By using a digital sign-in kiosk, businesses can ensure they meet GDPR regulations whilst ensuring their visitors’ information remains private.

Tablet Enclosures for Access Control and Office Management7. Access Control Tablet Enclosures

Access control kiosks can be integrated with biometric fingerprint readers or finger vein readers, but there is still a simple pin code option which integrates tablet technology to improve security. By having up to date information on everyone who is inside a building, health and safety officers can access this information remotely from a tablet in cases of emergency, without having to collect a folder or print out a document.

Tablet technology enables businesses to automate and streamline many different areas. One tablet kiosk could perform all 7 tasks in a simple and stylish enclosure.

Browse a range of iPad and tablet kiosks online and look at ways you can change the dynamics of your business with our innovative solutions today. For more information, get in touch with the imageHOLDERS team by calling +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].