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5 Ways to Increase Sales with Tablet & iPad Retail POS Systems

Tablet and iPad retail stands are the latest point of sale systems to seize the retail market. Their ability to streamline customer purchases and staff practices means that ultimately, your business can increase sales.

An effective retail POS system can process more than just a sale and improves business efficiencies in multiple ways. Tablet and iPad retail POS systems are replacing conventional checkouts due to their aesthetic appeal, ease of use for customers, and helpful functionality for staff.

Learn the five ways tablet and iPad retail POS systems can increase sales:

1. Checkouts are closer to your customers impacting buying decisions

Psychologically, a checkout that is within reach will positively impact a customer’s buying decisions. By integrating a contactless card reader in an iPad retail kiosk, payment can be taken almost immediately and a receipt emailed to the customer, saving time and money. Additionally, by removing the fixed checkout the store design can be changed to reflect the needs of both the store and customer.  

2. Meeting the customer expectation of paying via retail kiosks

Customers appreciate a modern sales and marketing approach, such as a tablet or iPad retail stand, and are becoming very familiar with the self-service checkout process. Retail giant New Look recently introduced retail kiosks in their flagship store to allow customers to order items out of stock or to browse the online catalogue, with a positive uplift in customer experience and sales.

Expo Counter Mounted Tablet Enclosure for New Look

3. Increase awareness and upsell with digital advertising

Tablet and iPad retail kiosks can be used to broadcast promotional adverts and showcase products on the company website.  This increases awareness of other products, the website, and enhances the customer journey.

4. Retail kiosks have an internet connection and keep staff connected

With an internet connection, cloud based software on the tablet can connect with staff at any time in any place. Share useful data with management teams, rotas with sales staff and more with a range of useful business apps.

5. Staff have the appropriate tools and develop their selling skills

A tablet or iPad retail POS system helps with inventory tracking, customer identification and accurate pricing. With this information available at employees’ fingertips, they feel empowered and are able perform better. Staff can easily keep up to date with product ranges, check stock, access up selling suggestions and view sales tips.

Tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks suitable for all industries from retail to hospitality.

A secure tablet kiosk such as the Shell+ 12” floor standing tablet kiosk is ideal for retail as it is fully secure, protecting it from damage in high levels of use. imageHOLDERS tablet and iPad retail stands can be used fit a variety of tablets and devices including contactless payments and card readers.

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