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Retail Infographic: The Benefits of Multi-Channel Kiosks

Retail Industry Infographic – Interactive Links 2019

Businesses in the retail industry are turning to digital kiosk solutions to tap into the benefits of an omnichannel shopping experience. While 56% of the public prefer to shop online, there is a rising percentage of people who choose to shop brick-and-mortar shops as reported in PwC’s Global Insights Survey. We work with retailers to enhance their customer’s experience and provide them with customer-centric solutions.

One of the solutions we offer is POS interactive kiosks with integrated chip and pin. The demand for alternative payment options is growing at a rapid rate. Contactless spending has risen 321% in UK clothing stores this year alone. Forward-thinking retailers are starting to offer alternative payment methods from smartphone payments to self-checkouts.

Large retailers including an American department store, Nordstrom, are using interactive kiosks and digital signage to revolutionise their customer’s experience. Their multi-channel kiosk solutions include digital signage for way-finding and online shopping inside changing rooms.

Retailers are also using interactive kiosks as a tool to give employees exceptional product knowledge. Empowering them to effectively demonstrate product benefits to customers. Increasing product sales and customers brand awareness.

Our infographic illustrates the ways in which multi-channel interactive kiosks can create a seamless shopping experience in two different retail sectors.