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How To Use a Tablet Enclosure as a Cash Register

Using tablet enclosures as part of your retail POS system has become a popular function for many businesses across the world. Now, thanks to our partnership with Star Micronics, imageHOLDERS can offer a new breakthrough in mPOS and cash payments!

By integrating the new DK-AirCash accessory with our tablet enclosure solutions, businesses are able to take secure cash payments from their customers. This is a breakthrough in mPOS, as traditionally, similar retail POS systems ve only been able to accept credit card payments via integrated RFID or chip and pin devices.

The DK-AirCash works via an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection from the tablet device, resulting in a wireless operation. This connection allows the cash drawer or cash register to open and close with out the use of a manual key during a transactions. This gives your customers the choice to pay for your goods via cash or card, which benefits small and large companies alike.

imageHOLDERS retail kiosks are a cost effective and versatile solution which can replace your expensive and outdated cash register or till system. All you need to do is choose a iPad retail kiosk and POS app which best suits your business needs, then get in touch with us for your m.POS enclosure. We can integrate any OEM device along with the DK-AirCash, including chip and pin, Contactless RFID and receipt printers. If you’re struggling to choose a POS app, take a look at our recommended apps & solutions for expert advice and guidance.

What Are The Benefits of Using Tablet Enclosures as Cash Registers?

Whether your a small, independent retailer, or a high street store – tablet enclosures offer a range of benefits that can help your business grow:

  • Take secure cash payments
  • Take secure card payments via Contactless / RFID / NFC / Swipe / Chip & Pin
  • Cost effective solution
  • Minimal set up cost and disruption
  • Tablet agnostic – choose any windows, android or iOS device
  • Secure and lockable enclosure ensures no risk of theft or damage to the tablet
  • Future proof designs means you can upgrade the enclosure should you opt for a diffrent device in the future
  • Stylish and compact system takes up less space than traditional till systems
  • Versatile and simple interface (in reference to your chosen app)
  • Proven ROI

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