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Self-service Kiosks: The Electronic Voting Solution

Every four years people in the US vote for who they want to be their next president, giving people the opportunity to decide the future of their country. Over the pond in the UK, the general election typically takes place every 5 years. The electoral system in both countries is complex and continues to spark debate. For a while, there has been debate about the effectiveness of self-service kiosks for electronic voting.

Some people are more sceptical of this modern advancement in voting, with fears of election tampering. On the other hand, there are several opportunities that voting kiosks present. Here are a few ways self-service kiosks could transform the electoral system as we know it:

  • Accurate

Self-service voting kiosks could create a more reliable and smooth-running electoral process. It may also prevent people from voting more than once, which is an ongoing concern with the current paper system. Additionally, voting via self-service kiosks could prevent people from submitting further photocopied ballot papers that corrupt the final result.

  • Accessible

Unfortunately, people with a disability are still facing inequality in the voting system. Voting via digital kiosks is a popular concept among those determined to make voting more accessible. ADA compliant touch screen kiosks and enclosures allow people to cast a vote with ease, giving voters far more independence.

  • Eco-friendly

The current electoral system uses a huge amount of paper from ballot papers to address booklets; self-service voting kiosks could eliminate much of this waste. Digital kiosk enclosures are secure and durable, lasting for years when well-maintained.

  • Time saving

Custom iPad and tablet enclosures are able to verify voters and mark them off on electronic electoral rolls, safeguarding against people trying to vote more than once while speeding up the administrative process. Electronic voting will also mean the results are decided quickly, instead of manually counting each ballot paper.

  • What is the future of voting kiosks?

While the debate surrounding digital voting kiosks continues, it seems there’s immediate scope for voting registration kiosks. Voter registration is vital for democracy and when placed in convenient locations such as shopping malls or libraries, self-service voting kiosks could boost the number of voters. Visualise the future through our recent project with a market leading voting software vendor, where we built an interactive voting kiosk with a 2D scanner and USB ports.

Digital kiosks also offer a PR opportunity during the months or weeks leading up to elections. With so much misinformation readily available, political parties could use promotional kiosks to set the record straight.

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