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Case Study

imageHOLDERS Work with Market Leading Voting Software Vendor

Public Service

The voting software and services company wanted to address the following challenges with their new SSKs:

  • Attractive modern design that differentiated against the competition.
  • Highly portable form factor for low-cost shipment and deployment to voting stations.
  • Rugged design to allow for repeated deployments by untrained users.
  • Intuitive ease of use design for inexperienced voting administrators
  • Competitive price point within voting solution.
  • The design must support the mass production of 10,000+ units.
  • Easily maintainable by in-house engineers.
  • Device flexibility to allow several types of scanner, RFID and swipe readers in the future based on State or constituency voting requirements.

The device configuration was critical as it would be heavily scrutinised by US regulatory bodies and included tablet PC, scanner, hub, power and external USB connectivity for future expansion.

The Solution

The solution is a tabletop SSK, integrating devices into a base, offering a robust, modular, aesthetically attractive and user-friendly solution that met all requirements.

Small form factor – The solution is a small form-factor tabletop SSK allowing for fast high-volume deployment to voting stations in flight-cases.

Robust – The design required the selection of specific materials to give the strength and durability required. The enclosure uses stainless steel to give weight and stability where necessary combined with glass-filled polycarbonate which is incredibly tough plastic. The power supply held a 10,000+ insertion rating compared to consumer devices which will have a maximum 2000 insertion rating.

Accessible – The final solution was produced with a custom tilt and rotate mechanism that can be used by both able-bodied and physically handicapped or arthritic users.

Available – A spare parts service was rolled out as part of the package to their maintenance team, with a central spares holding, and a replenishment process agreed to ensure availability.

The Benefits of Council & Voting Kiosks

Optimal Security

Kiosks can be used for high security access control, which is imperative for public service sectors such as councils and voting stations. Biometric scanners, facial recognition cameras and QR code or barcode scanners can all be integrated for different levels of permissions.

Visitor Management

Kiosks can effectively manage who enters a building, whilst doing all the necessary health checks. Fever check cameras test temperature on entry, whilst hand sanitiser dispensers mitigate risk. Visitors can be logged into the system and a printer can quickly print a guest pass.

Public Engagement

Digital signage kiosks display helpful information, which can be interactive to share more insight. Touchscreen kiosks can be used for survey feedback or to log incidents or check-in for pre-arranged meetings. All data can be stored efficiently and prioritised automatically, freeing up council time.

Taking Payment

Integrating payment devices for POS is ideal for simple and swift payments for parking tickets, fines, tax and licenses. This avoids complicated website systems for users or long queues at council offices.

Visual demonstrating different components of imageHOLDERS countertop kiosk

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