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5 Things You Didn’t Know iPad Kiosks Could Be Used For

Social media, Skype, conference calls, emails, online shopping….the list quite simply is endless. Technology is evolving constantly, and is now so ingrained into our daily lives that WiFi is a prerequisite along with wine at dinner.

Tablets and iPad’s have revolutionised the way in which technology is used and produced, and they are now a natural part of marketing and PR exhibitions. However, iPad kiosks and tablet enclosure’s have more to offer than just being efficient marketing tools and can be utilised by many different sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare and corporate enterprises.

Here are five uses for the iPad kiosk that may surprise you:

[1] Instore shopping

Gone are the days when the only two options were instore or online shopping. Now, retailers are understanding the importance of combining both elements to ensure an immersive experience, where the customers have a successful experience even if the item in question is out of stock.

When there just isn’t room in-store to stock all products, or when customers wish to check what products are available, iPad retail stands provide the ideal solution as a modern catalogue extension. Either having the tablet locked onto the site page for browsing the stock list, or opening up the options so customers can interact with the retailer through their social media, in-store shopping is being revolutionised.

[2] Interactive menus

Instagram and Facebook is rife with pictures of beautifully presented food, so why not integrate some tantalizing images of food into interactive menus. This could allow for each item, when clicked on, to provide further information and options for sides and dietary requirements.Thus eliminating the need for your server to run back and forth to the kitchen to ensure that your dressing for your salad is most definitely on the side.

The benefits of the interactivity also means that wine recommendations or side dishes can be listed under the dish, providing a detailed informative dining experience, which allows customers more time to sit and enjoy the ambience and dining experience.

Fast food restaurants like McDonald’s have seen an increase in customer engagement through iPad retail POS and have increased upselling potential through the interactivity of the images and marketing capabilities.

Integrating MPOS into a tablet kiosk allows for ease of payment, and ensures that the latest method of payment, whether Apple pay or NFC contactless, is available for your customers to use in a secure setting!

[3] Identification Scanning

Your personal ID is possibly your most viewed photo. No matter how bad you think you look in it, it is the gateway to most leisure activities. That photo enables you to hire cars, travel aboard, purchase alcohol, and a multitude of other awesome activities, but sometimes these perks can be overshadowed by the process in which they are achieved.

Waiting at customs for passport control after a 9 hour transatlantic flight can be excruciating, or patiently waiting for your driving licence to be scanned and checked alongside the DVLA to eventually have the ability to hire a car. Sometimes it makes you wonder if it’s worth it.

But all hope is not lost! Technology today is helping to make the process more efficient with the introduction of iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures which can reduce waiting times, lessen pressure on busy staff and improve the overall customer experience.

Integrating devices within a tablet enclosure enable your passport or driving licence to be scanned and checked with ease and speed. A glass mounted tablet enclosure outside a meeting room can ensure that only those with permission enter the room with an integrated scanner. Whether it’s needed for self service or staff controlled iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures can be set up to be free standing, counter or wall mounted, meaning they work in all environments, from airport kiosks to University learning centres.

[4] Photo Booths

Revolutionising the way in which we interact with photo booths, tablets allow for a smaller enclosure with a wider capture range, that can be customised, branded or even height adjustable.

No longer a separate activity, where a small select group can squeeze into a small broom closet, now with the use of iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures the experience is suited to larger groups and is a lot more interactive, both for guests and for the brand.

Tablet photo booths are becoming the prefered enclosure at parties and events, if not just for the economic size (more room for dancing) but also for the user friendly, immersive experience as photos can be instantly uploaded and shared via social media.

Using higher spec OS,  touch screen with the option to integrate the printer into the enclosure, it’s altogether a far superior option. The enclosure itself can be wall-mounted to save space or floor standing which can be customised to be height adjustable. Our Slimline range, such as the Slimline 10 Secure wall mounted kiosk  is modern and striking, that is how to photo booth.

[5] Digital Concierge

The term concierge used to be the epitome of vast knowledge and connections. But with smartphones and the simplicity of accessing the internet, there needs to be a solution that encompasses the service of a concierge with the instantaneous information of the internet.

Tablets enclosures and iPad kiosks in lobbiesand hotel bedrooms means that it is easier than ever to get reservations, tickets and in room services at the touch of a button. Quick and simple, saving hours of trawling the internet to find viable options only to discover they have no available tables, or aren’t open on the day you require.  Using tablet enclosures allows you to either utilise app’s which are designed to do the hard work for you, or to explore the options manually. Discover and plan a great day or evening simply, efficiently and smoothly.

But digital concierges aren’t limited just to hotels. Supermarkets, coffee shops and retailers have started providing digital concierge services, offering home delivery, gift wrapping and collecting online orders.

In a nutshell, the possibilities for tablet kiosk and iPad enclosures are unlimited.

Tablet kiosks provide the perfect marketing tool and there is a wide market in which they can be utilised to improve customer experience and ultimately maximise business return on investment.

Explore the possibilities of an integrated tablet kiosk from imageHOLDERS.

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