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The Client

Hollywood bowl have over 54 centres with over 2000 team members and have been working within the industry for over 20 years. 

With their own team member bowling league, and team meetings hosted on the lanes, their dedication to the sport and understanding their clients experience, leads them to be experts in the industry.

The Challenge

Hollywood Bowl wanted to create a user friendly and engaging system which customers use to record scores and manage their game.

The system needed to be enclosed within a user friendly tablet kiosk and help bring bowling systems into the new century. 

Each bowling lane would hold two tablet enclosures, one for each alley, and would be mounted with Hollywood Bowls specially created mount.

imageHOLDERS supplied the Expo 10 tablet enclosure which was configured to work with a custom mount that Hollywood Bowl used to mount the units onto each bowling lane. 

imageHOLDERS tailored the standard enclosure to modify access to the on and off buttons, as well as cable management to work alongside the specialised mount. 

The Expo 10  can securely enclose any tablet up to 10.5″, which suitably fits the Linx 10, the tablet of choice for Hollywood Bowl.

The Benefits of Leisure Centre & Gym Kiosks

Drive Growth & Revenue

Customers can print tickets, buy food and drinks and book cinema showings all from one kiosk. This encourages more impulse buys.

Visitor Management

Promote optimal health and safety measures by implementing a visitor management kiosk fitted with health conscious devices.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Implementing interactive kiosks allows you to adapt your user journey and customer experience to the changing times easily and effectively.

Entertainment Tablet Kiosks

Encourage guests to spend time browsing articles and increase customer satisfaction in the consumer journey

Express Self-Service

Invest in customer time with easy and quick payment kiosks and check-in stands.

Information Kiosks

Entertainment kiosks and restaurant, bar and cafe kiosks offering information improve the customer journey.

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