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A Day in the Life of the Accidental Tablet User

The iPad is nearly 7 years old, and the way that we use tablets has extended far beyond personal possession.

Just imagine. You leave your house and before you go to work you head to the local nursery to drop off your kids. By checking them in on the tablet enclosure in reception you’re able to choose his or her meal options for the day and notify the staff of any late pick-up hours. Perhaps it’s the time to pay for next month’s fees in advance. Just swipe or touch your card on the tablet kiosk to get everything sorted and collect a receipt from the tablet kiosk with built-in printer.

Now you’re off to work, stopping on the way for a coffee at McDonalds. It’s quite busy but a well-placed self-service kiosk comprised of a tablet with scanner near the door lets you order your usual and pay for it with your smartphone, so you just have to wait for your name to be called.

You still have a little time before your first meeting so while sitting at a table you browse the news on a counter mounted entertainment kiosk, adjusting the viewing angle to suit you perfectly. You browse your emails, check for urgent meeting requests and look at Facebook. An on-screen offer appears inviting you to register your details for the chance to win free coffee for a year. “Why not?” you think, typing your details in the form.

Upon arriving at work you register your presence in the building with the concierge by simply pressing your thumb on the integrated biometric reader within the counter-mounted Samsung tablet holder fixed to the desk.

Once in your office, you start up your desktop PC but don’t dwell there for long; the first meeting of the morning is in 3 minutes. Walking past the meeting rooms you find the room ready for use. A  glass mounted iPad kiosk details how long the room is booked for as well as a list of all the attendees. There’s no room-mix-up anymore, so time-wasting is off the cards.imageHOLDERS Work With Shoreditch Platform for Self Service Check-in Kiosk

When the meeting ends, you venture back to the tablet kiosk to set up an internal and external meeting. The internal meeting has many attendees, so you punch in their names ready for their arrival. As the check in kiosk has a printer, attendees can print off name badges as they arrive. The external meeting requires an out of office space, so you coordinate a hired meeting room with Shoreditch Platform and email the details to the attendees.

It’s time for a break, and you have just enough time to visit to your favourite clothes shop to try on a jacket you saw online. iPad POS systems fixed to the end of each rail give you the opportunity to see the extended range available and the sizes offered. Your initial choice that you’ve taken to the fitting room doesn’t look quite right, but a quick tap request on the wall-mounted iPad kiosk in the fitting room delivers you the right size without having to go back into the store.

A perfect fit and the transaction is fast and painless via the counter-mounted EPOS tablet kiosk attached to the counter. The iPad kiosk and POS printer prints your receipt, along with a voucher for 20% off your next purchase due to your loyalty to the store.

POS Terminal Retail

You have time for a quick bite to eat so nip into the local express supermarket. Grabbing a sandwich and a drink you don’t need to queue for long thanks to the self-service food kiosks with contactless technology, meaning you can pay quickly via a tap of your card and not wait whilst the person ahead has a long chat with the cashier at the till.

After lunch and once you’ve finished your work for the day you head over to the art gallery to meet your friend. The ticketless entry system integrated into the floor standing tablet kiosk with a receipt printer allows you through the door with a short scan of the QR code from your email and a printed receipt. Simple.

Each exhibit has a wealth of information on the artist, price and availability beautifully presented to you on yet another floor standing branded iPad stand complete with imagery and colours from the sponsoring company.

You both agree to head a few drinks at your favourite bar before you make your way home. Before you enter, the doorman asks you to use the tablet enclosure with ID scanner to ensure guests are of age. There, you order the drinks on an iPad counter stand that swivels between you both as you peruse the specials menu.


With the evening over you return home to a slightly warmer house than you expected. Heading over to the wall-mounted home automation tablet kiosk, you tap the desired temperature and set the alarm ready for work the next morning.

As you can see tablet enclosures can be incorporated into daily life in more than one way. Tablet kiosks with printers and other device integrations offer an interactive and appealing element to both your marketing and your consumer engagement strategies. Find out more and talk to a member of the imageHOLDERS team now on (US) 1 877 450 2172 or (UK) 01202 892 863 or email [email protected].