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How to Reduce Waiting Times in Restaurants

The average wait time at a restaurant is 23 minutes. Psychological studies show that we are less tolerant waiting for food than we are with monetary awards, and that it will bother us more when we have nothing to do meanwhile.

For these reasons, it’s important to discover how to reduce waiting times in restaurants to enhance client satisfaction and increase the overall footfall and returning customer rate.

Find out how to reduce waiting times in restaurants with the imageHOLDERS guide:

Tablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks for Restaurants and QSR

  • Introduce a self-service kiosk

Transforming your restaurant, whether it’s a fast food, casual or high end establishment, into a digital dining experience will revolutionise the customer and employee experience. Add self-service kiosks to the lobby or entrance of the restaurant to allow customers to choose and book their tables, or order food off an interactive menu, pay and simply wait to collect at a fast food restaurant. Our Slimline range features a selection of slim to the wall iPad kiosks that can be integrated with a range of devices for effective self service.

Tablet kiosks can also be mounted on tables to allow customers to browse the menu, order food and pay the bill when they’re ready. iPad restaurant POS systems such as this eliminate the wait for staff to take orders and collect bills, enabling them to spend more time delivering food and the business to increase their overall revenue.

With less time spent paying bills, the table can be cleared quicker so that others can be seated faster – reducing waiting times in all aspects of the restaurant experience.

  • Reduce chokepoints

‘Chokepoints’ refer to a build-up of foot traffic in certain areas due to a poor restaurant layout, narrow walkways and indirect paths to the kitchen, causing increased waiting times.

Ensure customers know where they’re going with digital signage using an iPad kiosk stand that includes a table plan, hours, seating policy and dietary information. The kiosk can also be used to conduct surveys and identify trends in traffic so that managers can analyse busy periods and provide more staff. Having customers order with a tablet also enables stock management so that staff can spend less time on administration and fetching stock and serve the customers.

Shell Slim Tablet Kiosks for Restaurants and Entertainment Hubs

  • Provide a pleasant waiting experience

Sometimes a waiting period is unavoidable. Introducing entertainment kiosks can make the waiting experience more enjoyable and feel shorter to the customer. Introduce entertainment kiosks in the lobby for customers waiting for a table or on the table themselves with games, access to social media and more. Another great way to reduce concept of time is by providing clear and accurate information of the status of the order and expected wait time.

View a range of counter mounted and freestanding restaurant self-service kiosks, including the Integrator Pro 10 Countertop tablet kiosk with contactless payment. For more information on how to reduce waiting times in restaurants with tablet enclosures, talk to one of our friendly team on +44 (0)1202 892863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) or email [email protected].

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