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6 Ways Tablet Kiosks Can Improve the Retail Customer Journey

In 2018 PwC’s Global Insights Survey reported that 44% of people are still shopping in brick-and-mortar shops, and it’s on the rise, with a 4% increase since 2015. The appeal of shopping in-store remains; yet 56% still favour online. This is because of a disjoint between the two; prices are different online and in store, sales aren’t reflected on both, and store layouts don’t match – with online opportunities often greater and more favourable to a consumer. Capitalise on the online benefits by introducing an omnichannel shopping experience in store with retail tablet solutions to enhance the customer journey.


Bring every product detail to the forefront

We worked with global fashion brand New Look to design retail tablet stands to encourage shop visitors to engage with the website and order or check stock in store. Access to the online catalogue eradicates the disjoint; users can view the entire inventory in one click and access colourways, product variations and more.

The primary reason we shop online is to find more information about a product. 60% of people looking for consumer electronics wanted more product information; 8% more than those who check or compare prices*. In-store interactive kiosks are a resource for staff to access specifications, videos, unique selling points and answer customer queries with ease.


New Look


Stock control = order control

Meet consumer demands for additional sizing or product availability with an iPad retail stand. Access to an online system with real time updates affords the shop assistant to:

  • Check stock levels in-store, online or in other branches nearby, which can be reserved to prevent loss of sale.
  • Check when additional stock is due. The item can be reserved to successfully achieve a customer purchase.

Reducing missed sales due to stock availability is a leading factor in great customer service, improving customer retention.


Modernise changing rooms

Retail tablet solutions can modernise the traditional changing room experience. Shoppers or staff can check stock instantly to save time, find similar alternatives and look up outfit ideas to prevent a loss of sale.


Virtual personal shoppers

The concept of a personal shopper isn’t new to the retail sector (Topshop & John Lewis can arrange them in store). Keep up with big names at half the price with a retail tablet kiosk to access virtual personal shoppers; make this account based and it’s an easy way to collect customer data and to give users an opportunity to personalise a wishlist. Bespoke shopping experiences are more enjoyable, informative and the second opinion/expert suggestions make a more confident purchase.


Curved and Straight Full Integration Kiosk


Click and collect

Consumers are familiar with click and collect – it’s a popular form of shopping as it eliminates delivery costs and cuts wait times.  An interactive self-service kiosk can facilitate a click and collect system, with a process similar to a:

  • Sign in to collect the parcel, which sends an alert to staff to present the item (a system used in John Lewis).
  • Sign to confirm the collection via the touch screen, which will send an instant system update.
  • Returns and parcel drop-offs can be logged the same way.

It’s quick, efficient and user-friendly – an in store experience that customers love.


Retail POS with a kick

iPad retail displays are an excellent resource to bridge the gap between online and offline, and to challenge the common act of ‘Showrooming’ (a person who looks at the item in store but buys it online to benefit from a lower price). By using a tablet or iPad display stand businesses can push offers as an incentive to achieve the sale in store. Alluring offers can make customers feel like they are getting a deal they wouldn’t have got elsewhere. Further to that, kiosk POS messaging could encourage an increase in the value the consumer was originally prepared to spend.

Whilst these retail tablet solutions set out to achieve an improved experience and revenue, they can be utilised as customer feedback kiosks, too. Retailers can collect feedback from consumers and gather insights in order to improve processes for higher customer retention.

Retail tablet solutions are a valuable tool to make omnichannel sales a reality, from increasing transactions, customer retention and personalising in store experiences. It also goes beyond the customer journey, as digitalisation will empower retail staff, enabling them to provide an exceptional level of customer service.


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