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Data Collection Revolution with Trade Show iPad Stands

Zuant Secure App Use With imageHOLDERS Trade Show iPad Stands

Have you ever exhibited at a trade show and wished the data you collected was more accurate and usable?

Many trade shows and exhibition organisers are still traditionally using out-dated laser scanners and hand written product sheets followed up with very basic XL spread sheets which, at best supply some of the information you were looking to obtain. However, this is usually completely unqualified and in no way interactive.

The Zuant Mobile Lead Capture software is a system that combines the three most important actions to apply at a Trade Show.

Capturing the visitors data, Engaging immediately, and then Reporting on the days business. The Zuant system will even flow the data directly into most CRM systems eliminating errors inputting data and saving companies time.

The app was designed to work effectively on tablets put into the hands of show visitors and this was the only downside of the strategy. Having computer tablets freely available in busy surroundings where keeping track of them is virtually impossible.

Peter Gillett of Zuant said,” our application was proving very popular with trade show exhibitors all over the world but in every location tablet security and charging was an issue. We searched the web for solutions using terms such as tablet enclosures, tablet kiosk enclosure and imageHOLDERS came up. After very little time spent on their site we realised that this was exactly what we were looking for. We contacted Adrian Thompson from imageHOLDERS and after some initial discussions found the solution they presented fitted our needs exactly.”

Peter continued, “imageHOLDERS specified enclosures that would secure our tablets in a public place while drawing additional attention with the use of a LED lit stand displaying a Zuant graphic. This solved the security and charging issues whilst enhancing the overall perception of our offer by housing the tablets in cool, clean and functional enclosure. We also found space for several counter-top versions that simplified the presentation of our application giving us the opportunity to observe visitors and engage with them.”

Adrian Thompson of imageHOLDERS commented, “Based on a study of the interaction between exhibitor space, visitors and years of experience in the industry we have incorporated and developed attributes based on trade show design to create adaptable enclosures that will fit into any industry.”

Adrian concluded, “This was an ideal opportunity to work with a company who had a robust product and very clear and focused strategy on application use and we worked closely with Zuant at the ‘Event Production Show’ to secure several new clients.”

The use of trade show iPad stands and exhibition kiosks is on the increase. Busy events often leave visitors and exhibitors with missed opportunities due to the amount of people around a particular stand and well positioned, secured tablets can regularly pick up these enquiries. Many companies are now realising that they can offer direct access to websites, data and presentations as well as collect contacts and trade enquiries in a non-pressurised way.

For more information on Zuant please contact Peter Gillett at [email protected]

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