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Tablet Vs Computer Kiosk: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Interactive kiosks are used across a wide range of sectors, providing a cost-effective solution to many common business problems. But which is better, a tablet or computer kiosk? Tablets and computers both have their advantages and disadvantages but ultimately the hardware used in an interactive kiosk enclosure depends on the business’s unique requirements.

There are several considerations to make before choosing an interactive kiosk, including display size, and which industry they are providing a solution for. While some industries may require a large computer touch screen kiosk, others may find a compact self-service tablet kiosk more effective.

At imageHOLDERS our interactive touch screen kiosks are available in mini, compact and full kiosk sizes and are suitable for a range of industries. Read on to learn more about tablet and computer kiosk hardware and determine which is the right choice for your business.


Tablet kiosks are ideal for businesses that require portability from their kiosk solution and for conferences, presentations or use as an on-the-go POS kiosk, transportability is crucial.  The Loxo 10 handheld enclosure is ideal for using on-the-go with a clear display and an optional hand strap for ease of use. Alongside the main enclosure, we can also add a secure expansion module to hold additional devices such as a contactless reader.

Device integration

Tablet kiosks can be restricted when it comes to powering multiple devices due to their lack of ports. At imageHOLDERS, we offer our own tablet hub solutions that enable multiple devices to be connected to a tablet kiosk at one time. Our tablet and PC kiosks can be combined with any device securely for a multi-functional digital kiosk solution.

Size considerations

Computer kiosks are available in more sizes than tablet kiosks and are typically sized 15.6” and larger. Touch screen computer kiosks are therefore ideal for marketing and as a POS where customers need to browse several items. The Totem 42-inch touch screen computer kiosk is a multi-functional kiosk with room for card readers, scanners and receipt printers. Our large touch screen computer kiosks are fully secure and lockable and have continuous power charging.

Tablet kiosks range from 7” to 12.”, to view all of our supported tablet and iPads and size available, please refer to our tablet kiosk reference guide.


Tablet kiosks are a highly versatile choice, a simple tablet enclosure can be counter, floor or wall-mounted. With no limit to the number of solutions, a standard 15” tablet kiosk can be designed with printers, scanners and readers, contactless card reader and more.


Computer kiosks offer more hard drive space and can be over one terabyte. Typically, tablets have built-in storage ranging from 8 GB to 128 GB but may include an expansion slot for extra storage.

Camera options

For businesses that require their kiosk to include camera integration, computer kiosks might be the best choice due to the range of high-quality integrated cameras available. Tablet kiosk cameras are not as high definition as computer cameras as standard, however, we can integrate HD webcams to any tablet to improve this.


Accessible self-service kiosks are imperative for customer experience and ensure businesses don’t exclude any of their customers through poor design. Whether a business chooses a computer kiosk or a tablet kiosk, at imageHOLDERS all our custom digital kiosk solutions can be designed to your business’s accessibility requirements.


While computer kiosks are more expensive, tablet kiosks provide a low-cost alternative, even as permanent fixtures. Wall-mounted tablet kiosks present tablets in a practical, low-cost way for applications such as timekeeping, product searches and more.

At imageHOLDERS we have been manufacturing both computer and tablet kiosks solutions for over 20 years and have the experience to help your business decide which kiosk solution is right for your business. For more expert advice and to get a quote, get in touch with us today on UK +44(0)1202 892 863 or USA +1 877 450 2172 or make an online enquiry.