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Kiosks in the News 2019

With the digital kiosk industry is set to exceed its 2018 sales statistics, it’s no surprise that 2019 has already seen interactive kiosks in the headlines. Globally, industries are seeking new ways to engage with their customers to set themselves apart from competitors. At imageHOLDERS we have rounded up the top digital kiosk headlines in 2019 so far!

Dublin phone boxes could be replaced with digital kiosks

In the information age, most of us want and expect communication and Wi-Fi at our fingertips. Dublin City Council has started to consider transforming the city’s existing public payphones into interactive computer kiosks.

A digital kiosk solution will allow pay phones to be re-created as “digital pedestals” where public announcements, events and information can be displayed across the city. Installing digital kiosks will not only provide the benefit of smart city enhancement but will also improve communication and Wi-Fi services within the city.

Airlines increase self-service kiosk solutions

The number of airlines introducing interactive self-service kiosks has continued to rise in the past two years.  With busy airports and even busier passengers, airlines are implementing digital kiosk solutions to provide the option of flexibility and efficiency, in a bid to gain a competitive edge.

Multi-functional self-service kiosks also take the pressure off security measures, allowing customers to scan security documents including visas and passports. Self-service kiosks are also improving customer’s experience by reducing long queues that airlines are often renowned for.

A recent industry-specific kiosk report projects that information and baggage check-in kiosks will continue to rise in terms of sales. And Europe will continue leading the global airport kiosk market, followed closely by North America and Asia Pacific.

Amazon to introduce kiosks in train stations

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce website continues its mission to enter the physical world of its customers with the introduction of interactive kiosks in train stations. The company is setting up physical self-service kiosks where passengers can browse a range of online items at discounted rates. Popping up in central London rail stations, the Amazon digital kiosk solutions will initially allow passers-by to purchase Boodles Mulberry Gin at a 40% discount.

Their computer kiosks will provide yet another multi-channel way to shop, similar to the Amazon treasure truck, another recent immersive retail concept.

Suruchi Saxena Bansal, Country Leader from Amazon Treasure Truck says:

“Kiosks are a natural extension of the exciting shopping experience of Amazon’s Treasure Truck. Whether you’re on the way to work or heading home for the day, Amazon customers and passers-by will have a fun and convenient way to shop for an amazing deal, get their hands on a trending product or take part in a fun event. Kiosks will help turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special.”.

Charge your phone by riding a bike at pedal powered kiosks in malls

Canadian mobile network, Public Mobile, continues to provide high-tech solutions to their customers with an immersive POS kiosk booth.  As part of a new experience led marketing strategy, they are rolling out pedal-powered POS kiosks where customers can purchase phone deals with ease. Customers can also charge their phones by pedalling the Public Mobile bike, free of charge.

As well as creating a fun and engaging experience, the addition of tablet POS systems offers an efficient and cutting-edge customer journey.


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