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Product Launch

imageHOLDERS work with Suffolk Libraries on Self-Service Check-Out Kiosks

imageHOLDERS have worked with Suffolk Libraries on self-service check-out kiosks to be used in libraries across Suffolk.

P1000358The kiosks securely enclose a Linx 1020 tablet which displays a chrome browser with a custom built website to be used by customers to check-out books. The Linx 1020 was chosen due to the available USB ports and its cost-effective price point. Suffolk Libraries developed a website to ensure updating and refreshing content was easy and quick.

The kiosks also enclose a Zebex USB scanner which is used for scanning books and assigning them to a customer account. Suffolk Libraries chose the Expo tablet kiosk, which was tailored to house a scanner, because of its secure, cost-effective and stylish design.

Leon Paternoster, Digital Manager and Deputy Head of IT, Suffolk Libraries said: “imageHOLDERS were a delight to work with. They understood what we were trying to achieve and ensured that our requirements were met. Self-service has been available in libraries for nearly ten years, but they were larger units, which took up vast amounts of space. The tablet enclosures have been well received by users due to their easy interfaces, and take up very little space. They are space and cost-effective solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work with imageHOLDERS.”

Peter Thompson, Director, imageHOLDERS said: “Leon and his team brought a vast amount of knowledge of the user experience to this project, which ensured we were able to tailor a product to meet their specifications. Libraries are being challenged to stay contemporary for their audiences, and self-service checkout tablet kiosks do just this. The Expo tablet kiosk is a great product for Suffolk Libraries as it is cost-effective without compromising security.”

The Expo was designed to be a highly secure counter mounted tablet enclosure, ideal for any businesses that wants to secure tablets in situations where there is a heavy footfall or regular usage. The Expo fits a variety of different tablets, ensuring that it is a future proof solution for any industry.

Find out how imageHOLDERS secure tablet kiosks and iPad enclosures could benefit your business. Please call us on 01202 892 863 (UK) or +1 877 450 2172 (US) for more information and to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, email [email protected].

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Digital Marketing Executive
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