Travel Kiosk Solutions

imageHOLDER’s Kiosk Solutions can be used across many sectors within the Travel Industry. Find our Kiosk Enclosures in Car Parks, Train & Bus Stations, Cruiselines and at Airports.

A Solution For All User Journeys

There are an abundance of use cases within the travel industry, which can be drastically improved by an interactive kiosk. Visitor Management, Access Control, Self-Service/Self Check-in & Check-out, Wayfinding and Point Of Sale are all popular user journeys that benefit from technological intervention.

Our travel kiosk solutions are secure, efficient and user friendly. Additionally, we are focussed on ensuring that our kiosks are as health-conscious as possible, with antimicrobial screen protectors and the option for additional devices such as thermal, temperature check cameras, QR scanners and hand-sanitiser dispensers.

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Example Travel Sectors for Kiosk Implementation

Car Parks

Due to contactless cards and new technology, it’s found that Britons now carry less than £5 in cash in their wallets. According to MasterCard, more than 1 in 10 saying they have no hard cash at all.

As a result, Apps are becoming increasingly popular. The frustration with these parking apps is that they request users to register to use it, and sometimes they don’t have the time.

A self-service kiosk could enable users to find a quick solution; tap and choose their stay duration, and pay using the familiar contactless reader.

Curved and Straight Full Integration Kiosk

Train & Bus Stations

Kiosks are ideal for access control, visitor management and POS self-service payment collectors. Customers can simply navigate train and bus times on a touchscreen kiosk interface and pay for tickets via a payment chip and pin or contactless device. Tickets can be printed via anintegrated printer on the kiosk enclosure. 

Interactive kiosks at train and bus stations offer a positive user journey, promote accessibility and increase efficiency and revenue. 


Cruiselines can optimise efficiency and futurize cruise ships with digital kiosks. Whether this be speeding up the embarkment processes,improving customer experiences or providing resources, whichare more cost-favourable than additional members of staff.

iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures can encourage interactivity with customers, whilst the hospitality sectors on a cruise line can enhance their service with a digital experience.


Interactive kiosks have already been revolutionising the airport sector with self-service check-in kiosks and baggage drops, passport scanners and digital signage. However, now, kiosks are more important than ever to help keep airports safe and efficient. 

Currently, interactive kiosks are at the forefront of the changes at airports and docks, border control, arrivals and departures and during flights. Going forward, we predict a surge in biometric enrolment, prior to the day of travel. This technological development is already well under way and applied in various scenarios.

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