Apple iPad Kiosks & Tablet Enclosures

imageHOLDERS iPad Kiosks are available as counter mounts, floor stands and wall mounts. Our iPad kiosks enable you to use your Apple iPad in public spaces ensuring a stylish, secure and versatile enclosure. The Apple touch screen display, mounted in our iPad secure mount, is a stylish and versatile way of engaging with customers and staff.

Apple have more than 1 billion devices active in the world and their iPad is on the most popular and trend setting products they have developed. Whilst not the first tablet, the iPad certainly set the trends for the popularity and general use for the iPad. The popularity of the iPad amongst consumers coupled with built-in features and more than 1 million apps has meant that to date, imageHOLDERS have received more enquiries for iPad-compatible enclosure kiosks than for any other tablet on the market.

imageHOLDERS’ ability to produce on-demand iPad kiosks for any iPad or tablet gives your business the freedom to choose the model that best suits your business needs and marketing strategy. Clients come from a variety of sectors, and include the Imperial War Museum, the BAFTA Game Awards and Hilton Worldwide.

Popular Apple Devices

iPad Pro

iPad Air


iPad Mini

iPad Air and Mini Features

The Apple iPad Air and Mini tablets come with a variety of features:

  •  Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • LED‑backlit Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology
  • Touch ID, Fingerprint identity sensor (Air 2 and Mini 3 only)
  • Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‑Fi, watching video or listening to music
  • Face detection
  • Tap to focus while recording and video stabilization
  • Nano‑SIM

Our iPad Kiosks are used within a range of business environments from employee clocking-in to exhibition display stands and from customer feedback and payment processing to home automation. Depending on the environment, we can offer the enclosures as an iPad floor stand, iPad wall mount or iPad counter stand. This is ideal for iPad retail POS, iPad retail display and digital signage, scanning stands and security stands.

Wherever there is a use for an iPad, there is an imageHOLDERS iPad Kiosk.

What our iPad Kiosks can do:

  • Fit the full range of iPads from 1st gen through to the larger iPad Pro
  • Remain completely secure with our key and lock system
  • Feature cable management systems that hides cables and enables continuous power access
  • Be customised and tailored to suit your businesses branding
  • Promise a lifetime warranty
  • Integrate OEM devices to provide a multi-channel enclosure
  • Easy to assemble, simple to use.

Our ‘off-the-shelf’ iPad Kiosk ranges can fit a tablet as standard, while our tailorable iPad Kiosk ranges can fit any Apple iPad alongside an OEM device such as a receipt printer.

Security and Ease of Use

For security, each holder has an integrated locking system and the entire unit can be secured to a wall, floor, counter, desk or other surface. imageHOLDERS’ iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures are designed to be easy and inviting for customers or visitors to use. All our iPad kiosks can rotate through 180° to be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.

Future Proofing with the Universal Tablet Tray 

Technology is changing at such a rapid rate that there is every chance you will want to upgrade your current tablets at a future date. With imageHOLDERS there is no need to go to the expense and hassle of changing the whole enclosure. Thanks to the modular nature of our products, you can simply change the tray and bezel (fascia). Our unique Cassette and Slide & Lock technology also makes it very simple to set up and operate your enclosure. No other tablet enclosures use this patented system which ensures you’ll get years of use out of your investment, even if technology inevitably changes.

Self-Service POS Terminals for Retail

Turn Any Tablet Enclosure Into an Interactive POS Kiosk 

Within our secure tablet enclosures you can combine any iPad tablet with a range of devices to create an interactive POS kiosk. Whether you need to display information for visitors, get feedback from your customers or want self-service sales and bookings, the Apple device you choose is held securely inside the tablet enclosure. Among the custom options we can offer are iPad kiosks with integrated devices, such as EMV I and II payment receptors, RFID or NFC contactless card scanners, biometric readers, and printers, to name a few.

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Device Brands & Models

imageHOLDERS support multiple devices and models, remaining agnostic towards brands. This allows us to facilitate widespread business and industry requirements whilst building considerable insight, knowledge and expertise across an extensive range of tablets, computers, monitors and devices.

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