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Touchless Self-Service Kiosks

Introducing our first gesture control touchless kiosk. Touchless self-service kiosks avoid hand to kiosk contact and eliminate any hygiene concerns. With many companies now turning to no-touch tech and contactless devices, we aim to always be at the forefront of self-service kiosk technology, innovating digital kiosks based on what’s most important to their customers.

What is Gesture Control?

Our touchless self-service kiosk is powered by a hand tracking camera You can type, select, scroll and navigate a kiosk display using mid-air gestures and without having to touch the screen. The camera hardware shown in the image is Ultraleap.

This non-touch approach reduces the risk of spreading germs and bacteria build up at self-service kiosks.

World Leading Hand Tracking Technology

Our touchless kiosks gesture control technology uses an optical hand tracking module that captures the movement of user’s hands and fingers so they can interact naturally with the content.

The controller is capable of tracking hands within a 3D interactive zone that extends up to 60cm or more, extending from the device in a 140×120° typical field of view. The software can discern 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, and track them even when they are obscured by other parts of the hands.

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Optional Additional Devices Examples



Card Payment

Cash Payment

Why choose an imageHOLDERS Touchless Kiosk Solution?

  • We are device agnostic, so we can work with your preferred software and hardware.
  • imageHOLDERS interactive kiosk solutions are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Our digital kiosks are tailorable to your business for your required user journey.
  • A range of optional add-on devices, including printers, scanners and payment devices.
  • Give users the option to interact touchlessly. 80% of consumers think public touchscreens are unhygienic.

iH Touchless Kiosks

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Public Kiosks

Touchless computer kiosks are ideal for wayfinding, digital signage and customer help points.

A completely frictionless interactive kiosk solution is ideal for busy public spaces to avoid the spread of viruses or build up of bacteria on screens.

imageHOLDERS cinema self-service order point and ticket printing kiosks

Entertainment Complexes

The Totem Touchless solution with futuristic gesture control can be used as entertainment itself, in arcades, cinema lobbies or theme parks.

The hygienic solution is also an ideal interactive display for booking or printing cinema tickets, or other leisure activities such as bowling.

Visual of imageHOLDERS healthcare patient check-in and self-service kiosk range


In healthcare environments it’s imperative to reduce the spread of germs as much as possible.

A touchless kiosk solution is the perfect visitor management and access device. Interaction is easy and intuitive, with minimal impact on throughput.

Office & Workplaces

Large offices and workplaces often have high footfall. Efficient and safe access control and visitor management are essential.

A touchless solution protects and reassures employees. Touchless kiosks can also be used for hygienic booking of meeting rooms or engaging presentations.

Visual of the imageHOLDERS library kiosk enclosure range


Touchless Totem Kiosks’ intuitive, futuristic interaction is hugely engaging for students in an education environment. Hands-on learning becomes both hygienic and memorable.

Touchless kiosks can also be used for booking equipment, wayfinding on campus, booking rooms and library book rentals.

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