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COVID-19: Will the Touchscreen outlive the Pandemic?

Touchscreens are everywhere: at home, in leisure premises such as hospitality, retail and entertainment complexes, at work and at hospitals and GP surgeries. Tablets and touchscreen devices ensure technology is accessible and intuitive for the masses, however, we are now living in a time when we are extra conscious of what we’re touching. So, is this the end of touchscreens?


Rosie Ellis



Touchscreen Kiosks

Touchscreens have revolutionised technology, improving the way we work, socialise, teach and navigate. Tablets and touchscreen devices have made technology more accessible. Now, Covid-19 has made all of us more aware of what we’re touching, especially in public spaces. Even beyond the pandemic, being aware of which surfaces we are touching will be a lasting effect. So, will touchscreen technology survive the pandemic?

Our short answer? Yes. Touchscreen technology isn’t going anywhere. Touchscreens boast ample benefits across every single industry and this will continue to be true even in a post-Covid world. Tablet enclosures and touchscreen kiosks are the cost-effective way to boost productivity, efficiency and revenue across an abundance of sectors, from offices and warehouses to shop floors and airports.

Schematic demonstrating different components of the Loxo 12 tablet enclosure

imageHOLDERS Kiosk Solutions

We have developed solutions to make touchscreen displays and tablet enclosures safer to touch with the help of anti-microbial screen protectors. Additionally, we have worked to integrate more health conscious additional devices to make workplaces and public spaces safer.

In high risk or high footfall areas, we do anticipate a shift towards moving away from touchscreen technology to touchless solutions, such as voice and/or gesture control. At imageHOLDERS, we are currently well underway in developing our first completely frictionless kiosk, using gesture control technology.

Anti-Microbial Screen Protectors

Keeping kiosks clean is more important than ever, and our protective inorganic anti-bacterial surface coating kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that would normally breed on the surface. Our touchscreen kiosk anti-microbial screen protectors not only protect your kiosk from germs, but they are also excellent at preventing scratches, glare, and fingerprints.

Anti-Microbial Screen Paint

In addition to anti-microbial screen protectors, we also offer anti-microbial paint which is applied to the exterior of our kiosk hardware during the manufacturing process. Commonly used in medical facilities, anti-microbial paint coatings offer lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria and viral transmission.

We can also offer privacy screen protectors which are useful in securer environments, such as banks and offices, where content on the screen can be sensitive and/or private.

Learn more about how to effectively clean your kiosk

Alternative Touchless Kiosk Technologies

Gesture Control

At imageHOLDERS HQ, we are well underway in developing our first touchless, gesture control kiosk.

Gesture control kiosks are powered by a camera which uses hand tracking and haptics. You can type, select, scroll and navigate a kiosk display without having to touch the screen.

This non-touch approach reduces risk of spreading germs and bacteria build up.

Want to talk about a touchless kiosk solution for your business? Get in touch.

Voice Control

Voice control is another popular touchscreen alternative. You interact with a kiosk how you would with Siri, Alexa or Google Home.

The kiosk is activated by voice and guided by voice. This alternative works well for access control and visitor management but is less popular in restaurants or retail, where browsing is more prevalent.

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