Technology Revolutionising Dining Experiences

Technology has revolutionised how we choose where to eat and where to stay, so it’s only natural for people to expect technology to aid them in their dining experiences. The hospitality industry is utilising technology to maximise sales by using iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures to interact with customers and provide a digital experience alongside the in-house service. 

Tablet enclosures and restaurant kiosks can save up to five minutes per meal regarding restaurant ordering and payment systems with tablet POS for restaurants. Food kiosks also encourage up selling by providing a constant temptation with stunning visuals with restaurant tablets on table tops. Studies have shown that tablet menus in restaurants see orders of desserts and appetizers being increased by 30%.

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What is An Interactive Kiosk?

What is an interactive kiosk? An interactive kiosk is a terminal that houses an electronic device, such as a tablet,…

Key benefits

Increase sales with restaurant POS

52% of consumers would rather use an electronic payment system

Increase footfall

Incentivise customers with digital signage and digital restaurant menus

Technology is an important factor for consumers

25% say self-service kiosks are a factor in choosing restaurants

Queue bust

Reduce customer wait times by up to 5 minutes per meal ordered

Upsell with ease

Tablet menus in restaurants see orders of desserts and appetizers increase by 30%

Change the face of hospitality

Tablets in restaurants create a modern and welcoming feel and give consumers payment options with integrated restaurant POS systems

Device Integration

Device Integration

Combine your iPad or tablet with any device securely within our enclosure to create the ultimate multi-functional tablet kiosk solution.

Our products

Our products

Our enclosures are created with the client in mind, from the cost-efficient Core to the Integrator Pro, our tablet and iPad kiosks suit all industries.