Public Service

Touchscreen interactive kiosks and digital signage kiosks are normal practice in so many industries, this versatility would hugely benefit public services, such as fire service, police force, councils, voting stations and healthcare.

Kiosks can refine internal procedures and, due to the wide acceptance of touchscreens and the ease of use of kiosks, work to connect police, fire and healthcare services and councils with the public.

Kiosks are efficient, user-friendly and present and record accurate data, which is crucial in the public sector. Healthcare kiosks can benefit the industry in many ways, such as reducing waiting times with patient check-in kiosks or improving efficiency and accuracy with administrative staff kiosks.


Public Service Sectors


We design secure tablet kiosks and enclosures which are well equipped to deal with the most challenging environments of the healthcare sector.We provide anti-microbial screens and paint for our kiosk hardware to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Our healthcare kiosks have already been deployed in public and private hospitals as feedback terminals, patient check-in kiosks and entertainment hubs. Our wide range of tablet enclosures and kiosks are accessible for all and are fully ADA compliant.

Tablet Enclosures and iPad Kiosks Secure Device Integration

Fire & Police Force

Kiosks can be used both internally within the public service sector and externally, for communicating with people.

Waiting rooms and receptions are often busy with heavy footfall – check-in kiosks for meetings can help reduce queues and waiting time, therefore increasing efficiency.

Multi-lingual kiosk software can be used to connect with foreign language speakers, aiding the police in assisting those who’s first language is not English.

Councils & Digital Voting

Kiosks can be used for easily reporting incidents; kiosk software allows for incidents to be automatically filed in an organised and prioritised fashion, boosting productivity at councils.

Additionally, kiosks can be used as information points, for digital signage and for receiving valuable feedback via surveys.

POS self-service kiosks can be used for paying parking fines, tax, permits and licenses. This can be done simply and swiftly, reducing time and admin for both the public and the council.

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