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Hospitals and GP surgeries are busier than ever. The healthcare industry must utilise technology to ensure staff can work productively. Healthcare kiosks and technology-enabled care (TEC) greatly benefit the industry, such as patient check-in kiosks to reduce waiting room times as a starter.

Patients, administrative staff and physicians are using iPad and tablet healthcare kiosks in surgeries and hospitals to improve efficiency. Digital tablet kiosks can be used as a multi-function solution. By integrating devices, such as printers, users can print visitor badges, assign practitioners and provide wayfinding functionality.

imageHOLDERS is the leading kiosk manufacturer in the UK and US. We design secure tablet kiosks and enclosures which are well equipped to deal with the most challenging environments of the healthcare sector. We provide anti-microbial screens and paint for our kiosk hardware to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Our healthcare kiosks have already been deployed in public and private hospitals as feedback terminals, patient check-in kiosks and entertainment hubs. Our wide range of tablet enclosures and kiosks are accessible for all and are fully ADA compliant.

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Tablet kiosks & iPad enclosures are ideal for Healthcare, designed for many medical environments; GP surgeries, hospitals, private practices & waiting rooms

Healthcare Kiosk Functions

  • View currently checked-in patients
  • Manage configuration and workflow
  • Define rule-based workflow
  • Appointment check-in
  • Patient information points
  • Secure patient identification
  • Real time eligibility check
  • Outstanding balance and payment points
  • Alert notification
  • Facility directions and wayfinding
  • Repeat prescription ordering
  • Access control
  • Visitor management

Popular Device Integrations

Barcode & QR Code Scanners

Biometric Scanners


Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

POS Payment Devices

Temperature Check Cameras

imageHOLDERS kiosks are built bespoke for your specifications. Learn more about our process or talk to a member of our friendly team about our standard kiosk, computer or digital display solutions.

The Benefits of Healthcare Kiosks

Reduces Queues and Free Staff Time

Patient check-in and waiting room kiosks free up reception staff up to help with other tasks.

Paperwork Time Decreases by 60%

Invest in staff time by digitising all levels of care.

Over 50 Billion Wearable Devices Sold

Technology is being integrated into healthcare on every level.

Wayfinding Hospital Kiosks

Use hospital kiosks to help manage visitor traffic for a more positive experience.

Promotes Patient Independence

The healthcare industry can increase awareness, knowledge and prevention.

Access Control

Integrated biometric and/or QR code scanners offer high security access control via a kiosk integration.

Hospital & GP Surgery Kiosk Software

Browse our list of software partners that make our kiosks function for museums and galleries seamlessly.

COVID-19 Secure Kiosk Solutions

The novel coronavirus, Covid-19 is changing the way the world interacts, creating a challenging environment for many industries. In this unprecedented time, people are looking for reassurance and safety. In such a connected world, we can maximise technology to help aid in the safety of others, particularly in medical facilities.

Self-service kiosks in healthcare are already used across the globe for various medical environments. From patient check-ins to reducing waiting times, healthcare kiosks can help alleviate some of the challenges over-stretched healthcare systems now face. There are several ways tablet and full-standing kiosks benefit the healthcare industry.

Tablet Kiosks and iPad Enclosures are Revolutionising Healthcare

Maximize Human Resource

Patient check-in kiosks are suitable for dentists, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. They save time and resources by enabling patients to check-in quickly. Patients with routine illnesses can access healthcare without the need for a receptionist.

Not only do patient check-in kiosks increase efficiency, but they can also reduce the spread of the virus. Anti-microbial screen protectors from imageHOLDERS are suitable for tablet enclosures and touch screen kiosks. The retrofittable film not only protects against scratches and removes glare, but it also prevents germs from growing on your device’s screen.

Improve Visitor Management

Healthcare kiosks can be used to print various forms, unique visitor badges and passes, ideal for use at access control terminals. To prioritise the safety of patients and staff, healthcare facilities may find they require additional security during this crisis.

At imageHOLDERS, we have previously worked with ISV’s to develop a visitor management kiosk for NHS and private hospitals in the UK and North America. Their self-service kiosks enable staff to check-in securely and with ease, without having to allocate already limited manpower/resources. We have also worked with Medent, creating an ADA Ambulatory Practice Patient Check-In Kiosk.

Patient Information Points

The healthcare industry can increase awareness, promote patient independence and help prevent the spread of bacterial and viral transmission, such as Covid-19, with interactive kiosks. Informational waiting room kiosks can provide patients with up-to-date info on the latest guidelines; from how to detect the symptoms of coronavirus to the individual hospital’s testing procedures. Kiosks can also be fitted with a tannoy to call forward the next patient into the relevant treatment room.

Time and Attendance

The Access Group use our kiosk solutions for medical staff to check-in at care homes using contactless NFC technology. This allows reduced contact and the added benefit of being able to track the movement of people. This could also be important when trying to track infection.

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