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The Client

Dooh, formally Enigma, are a forward thinking experiential events company, specialising in interactive real time content management and production. They recently created an event at Waterloo Station for Skoda, a Czech automobile manufacturer founded in 1895. The event was themed around The Skoda Configurator, a publically operated augmented reality experience.

The Challenge

The starting point for the experience was the on-line app on a computer tablet. The computer tablet required a very secure tablet enclosures, which would keep the tablets safe, robust and be able to stand up to extensive use but look clean and appealing to use.

By combining  ingenious green screen video, secure tablet enclosures, a cleverly designed app and Europe’s largest advertising screen, the event would give commuters the chance to take part in a truly immersive experience.

Dooh chose one of our more popular floor standing models, the Expo Freestanding Tablet Kiosk with Straight Graphic Panel. This enclosure presented the tablet and app at a perfect height and angle for ease of use and engaged the user by making the process straightforward.

With minimum explanation from the attendant promotional staff, passers by could configure their own Skoda Fabia. An easy step-by-step app captured their data and then took the user through the options available. The result was once the process was completed they could sit in a specially positioned car seat and see themselves sitting in the Fabia of their choice on Europe’s biggest advertising screen. A perfect selfie opportunity and an ideal sharing experience.

Benefits of Retail Kiosks

Queue Busting

Self-service check-in kiosks can reduce check-in times to under one minute.

Improve Customer Service

Self-service kiosks can reduce wait times and allow staff to provide a more personal service.

Drive Growth

Self-service kiosks provide low cost service at all times, enhancing customer service and increasing sales.

Share Information

Interactive touch screen kiosks and digital signage increase customer satisfaction, due to the streamlined user journey.

Capture Valuable Data

Capture real time data and contact information with sign up forms on tablet kiosks

Enhanced Security

Kiosks provide high security access control solutions for staff and health and safety conscious visitor management.

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