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iPad Kiosks Enhancing the Move from ‘Car Dealer’ to ‘Automotive Retail Experience’

For decades a visit to a ‘Car Dealer’ presented one of two impressions: a shady character trying to sell you two cars welded together, or, a visit to a manufacturer dealership where smartly dressed young men and women on commission-based salaries are desperately trying to upsell you with as many extras ‘thrown in’ as possible.

With the competition for sales higher than ever, independent second hand and main dealerships alike are trying to make the customer journey more pleasant and accessible by losing some of the hard sell tactics they have become synonymous for.

The word ‘Boutique’ and expressions like ‘Retail Experience’ are beginning to enter the automotive world and with them come many changes. Manufacturers are especially keen to promote their products by relaxing the customer journey.

One of most compelling new tools is the ‘Car Configurator’, which allows customers to design their own car in the comfort of their own home without the pressure they feel in the showroom and in the second hand world, a web presence with a great deal of imagery makes the initial selecting of a car less precarious and a more agreeable experience.

The Digital Retail Experience

Online and at home is only the start. The digital experience can now continue when you arrive at the ‘dealer’ or Automotive Retailer. Strategically placed automotive POS systems using iPad kiosks allow visitors to start getting the information they want for themselves and actually have questions to ask when a sales person finally approaches. The tablet kiosk becomes a sales tool that the salesperson can operate; taking the customer through technical aspects, other marketing materials, as well as financial details. The whole experience can now take place right next to a car.

For the second hand market, the use of an iPad automotive POS system can simplify access to warranty information, vehicle history, special offers and credit – all of which is made available at the touch of a screen.

Additionally data capture now becomes second nature as all the information can be packaged up and mailed right to the customer without the need for brochures or complicated paper forms using the same tablet secured in a tablet kiosk.

The customer feels in control and therefore more relaxed and the salesperson has more information right at hand and can engage the customer more effectively.

Trade show iPad stands will always show the most up to date information available online with updates made from a central source and the need for expensive hard copies removed from sales costs.

As a result of deploying tablet enclosures and kiosks, independent and manufacturer dealers alike are well on the way to presenting car sales as a ‘retail experience’ and customers feel more engaged in the whole experience.

Secure iPad & Tablet Enclosures for the Automotive Market

imageHOLDERS have been at the forefront of this movement working with several major automotive manufacturers and as tablets become more prevalent and apps increasingly ingenious, securing the hardware in public situations becomes ever more important.

The design, flexibility, cost effectiveness of imageHOLDERS tablet kiosks has established us as leaders in this industry with standard products that will fit a multitude of situations as well as the capability to design bespoke tablet enclosures and kiosks from scratch for companies with complex requirements.