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Increase Car Sales by Digitising Your Showroom with Automotive Kiosks

Car sales in 2018 are primarily made in person at dealerships. However, online car sales are increasing, and they are predicted to rise further by 2022.

46% of users search for and research dealerships online, with almost half of car sales involving an in-person visit and purchase. Due to information now being available online that customers used to find in-store (without the pressure of a sales representative), footfall is expected to drop. The key to preventing this footfall loss is by integrating the online and in-store experience.

It is worth noting that the online experience lacks the element of a physical test drive, which will always be the deciding factor in the purchase of a car. Dealerships are essential in the sales process; staying ahead of the competition by adapting to customers online buying habits and introducing both benefits instore is what will set them apart.

The future of car sales: the tablet kiosk solution

Jaguar, Land Rover and Hyundai dealerships at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent have married the online and physical car buying experience. Each dealership has models on display with an automotive tablet kiosk. The staff no longer make the sale but guide the consumers in their search and purchase in store using tablet enclosures. In their first year of operation, the two companies sold one thousand cars between them!

By using iPad enclosures, consumers can shop the way they would at home. Dealerships can encourage customers to use the finance calculator and customise the car in their own time, whilst ensuring details are collected electronically for marketing processes.

Increase lead generation with automotive kiosks

In a recent survey, automotive dealers said their biggest marketing priority is increasing leads. An automotive POS system is an effective tool for lead generation via promotion. For example, test drives can be promoted as the user browses information about the car at the dealership, at product launches, and at exhibitions. imageHOLDERS worked with Skoda on their marketing event in Waterloo Station to raise awareness of their new model. The Expo freestanding tablet kiosk was placed in a high traffic area and was used to collect potential customer data.

Additional benefits to using an automotive point of sale

  • Automotive kiosks are more approachable

An unmanned tablet kiosk could be more approachable than a sales member, as it’s less pressure, resulting in increased sign-ups.

  • Automotive kiosks can elevate sales

Whilst the kiosk may encourage visitors to the stand, it doesn’t necessarily mean all communication should be abolished. Sales reps can still talk to the customer when they are in that moment of consideration or feeling enticed by a current price deal. When customers shop online, staff don’t have this chance to elevate the sale.

  • Automotive kiosks can hold unlimited information

An interactive iPad kiosk provides an easy way for people to quickly find out more about the vehicle. In addition, the representative is on hand, should they wish to discuss the car further.

  • Automotive kiosks entice visitors to find out more

Tablet kiosks could encourage visitors without intent at shopping centres to step into dealerships and browse at their own leisure.

  • Automotive kiosks are ideal for data collection

An automotive iPad kiosk can encourage visitors to the stand and collect data for potential leads.

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