Hospitality Kiosks

Technology used in hospitality, such as concierge tablet kiosks and hotel self check-in kiosk systems are no longer perceived as a luxury only suited for high end establishments. Instead technology is fast becoming a staple in modern customer service situations.

Hotels and other hospitality sectors are starting to embrace technology to maximise sales and save resources. Hotel iPad kiosks and tablet enclosures can encourage interactivity with customers and hospitality sectors can enhance their in-house service with a digital experience.

Tablets displayed in enclosures on tables can engage with customers even when front of house staff are not available to assist. A bar kiosk can provide a digital menu, or entertainment hub which can upsell even when staff are busy.

The positive impact hospitality kiosks are having on front of house services can also be used to improve back of house functions. With orders and requests being processed automatically with digital kiosk menus and sent to the intended recipient quickly and easily. Tasks can be completed efficiently and with reduced errors.

Tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks are well suited to all aspects of hospitality including back of house.

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Key Benefits

Prefered payment method

30% of customers regularly utilise mobile apps to pay at POS Kiosks

Digital concierge booking

Over 60% of travelers prefer to purchase or reserve hotel services using mobile platforms

Back of house tablet kiosks

Access control and room management is accessible, improving time management and security

Entertainment tablet kiosk

Entertainment hubs encourage customers to spend more time browsing and increase add on sales

Express check-in check-out systems

Ensure customers are always able to check in or out with ease and pay outstanding bills quickly and easily

Digital loyalty programmes create brand advocates

By offering incentives within hotels, eg. upgrades for returning guests, hospitality sectors can go digital with their loyalty schemes

Device Integration

Device Integration

Combine your iPad or tablet with any device securely within our enclosure to create the ultimate multi-functional tablet kiosk solution.

Our products

Our products

Our enclosures are created with the client in mind, from the cost-efficient Core to the Integrator Pro, our tablet and iPad kiosks suit all industries.