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Why the new Microsoft Surface Go 4 is a perfect kiosk solution

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Exploring the new features of the Microsoft Surface Go 4


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The Microsoft Surface Go 4 is the ideal solution for our digital kiosk enclosures

Microsoft Surface Go 4 Kiosk

Microsoft Surface Go 4 in a Digital Kiosk Solution

The recently released Microsoft Surface Go 4 boasts several new features to supercharge your productivity, bringing improvements to performance, battery life, microphones, security, and repairability. It is also the most portable Surface on the market, making it ideal for integrating into digital kiosks of all shapes and size. The Surface Go 4 is perfect for our Loxo 10 enclosures, which have already been trialed, tested and proven to work with the the Surface Go 4’s 10.5” Pixel Sense screen.

The Microsoft Surface Go 4 is a popular option for Healthcare, Leisure, Retail, Hospitality, Security, Workplace, Education & Charity. Common use cases to this include self-check-in, for POS (point of sale) solutions and for self-service kiosks. This article focuses on each of Surface Go 4’s new features and explain why it is an ideal solution for using in our digital kiosks:


The Microsoft Surface Go 4 comes fully loaded with Windows 10 Pro edition and Windows 11 Pro edition, the latter having AI-powered efficiency, intelligent workflows, and unmatched personalisation. Its enhanced performance is down to it being powered by an Intel Processor N200, which is 80% faster than previous models. The Surface Go 4’s high-quality display is better than ever, with improved resolution and colour accuracy, making it ideal for transforming the user’s experience e.g. as an entertainment kiosk.


The portability of the Surface Go 4 is largely down to the fact that it’s extremely light at 1.15 pounds (522 grams), making it an ideal screen solution for lightweight kiosks that also need to be portable if they’re required to move around multiple locations. In addition, the Surface Go 4’s battery is much improved and can last 12.5 hours without charge. This battery limit setting is designed specifically for kiosk applications and will keep the battery healthy by allowing it to cycle up and down. This brand-new feature makes the Surface Go 4 ideal for being moved around in portable kiosk locations away from a main power source.


The Microsoft Surface Go 4 enables several integration points including 1x USB 3.1 Type-C port, 1x Surface Connect, a MicroSD card reader and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack. These features make it a flexible solution, perfectly tailored for adding new device on.


Every Microsoft Surface device comes with Windows Security as standard, which is a built-in security system that gives you real-time malware protection. The Surface Go 4 has its own built-in security with hardware and firmware-level remote management with a Microsoft open-source DCFI. You can be confident that pairing a Microsoft Surface Go 4 with any kiosk will give you an extremely secure and safe device.


Microsoft have clearly focused on premium craftsmanship with the Surface Go 4 given they have prioritised both quality and reliability. Microsoft put all devices through testing that simulates various real-word scenarios of excessive, regular use and the Surface Go 4 held up extremely well. The device is durable and robust making it the ideal device for implementing in digital kiosks placed in gyms, casinos and other entertainment environments as well as QSR / fast food ordering where there is heavy footfall and regular, heavy usage.

As a cutting-edge solution, the Microsoft Surface Go 4 is an ideal device for using in our digital kiosks, enabling maximum productivity and performance for every possible task or use case across virtually any industry.