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7 ways kiosk technology supports and improves the healthcare industry

The global demand for digital healthcare kiosks is rising and medical kiosks are predicted to become an integral part of healthcare in the coming years.


Rosie Ellis



Healthcare kiosks offer an efficient and practical solution to obstacles the healthcare industry face daily, from prolonged waiting times and dwindling patient satisfaction to outdated access control.

In this article, we look at different ways interactive kiosks can help enhance how the healthcare industry operates.

Save time & increase efficiency

With the digitisation of health records, healthcare kiosks can be used to store patient data and prevent needless administration time.

Patient check-in kiosks can reduce staff costs and are ideal for wayfinding and delivering information. When patients arrive at your facility, they can use health kiosks to sign in for an appointment, register their name if it’s their first visit, submit and print prescriptions, make follow-up appointments and view information and announcements.

Staff check-in kiosk for hospitals.

Improve wayfinding

How many times have you yourself got lost in a hospital or witnessed someone struggling to find their way to the right floor or wing of a hospital? Hospital kiosk solutions make navigational issues a thing of the past.

Strategically placed wayfinding digital kiosks allow visitors to find exactly where they need to go. Interactive digital signage can also be used as a customer service solution or patient help point.

ImageHolders patient check-in kiosk.

Receive feedback

Healthcare kiosks enable you to gather crucial patient feedback to improve service and treatment. With quantifiable data, operational processes can be reviewed and optimised accordingly.

Using anonymous feedback kiosks, your healthcare facility can ensure accurate responses.

In addition to guests and patients, digital kiosks in hospitals can also be used as staff surveys to monitor engagement and satisfaction.

Tablet Kiosks and iPad Enclosures are Revolutionising Healthcare

Increase customer satisfaction

Despite the direct benefits to patients, there are still misconceptions that healthcare kiosks take away the human element of healthcare. But global case studies show that this is not the case.

Healthcare kiosks reduce the time spent on administration tasks, leaving more time for medical professionals to assist their patients.

Self-service kiosks in healthcare are also excellent ways to streamline prescriptions, making it easy for patients to input details to print prescriptions.

Visitor management

Another way new technology can improve patient satisfaction is with waiting room kiosks. Waiting room kiosks are particularly effective in reducing queues and setting expectations to avoid complaints.

imageHOLDERS have previously worked with world-class software provider, MEDENT, to develop an ambulatory practice patient check-in kiosk. This custom self-service kiosk allows visitors to make appointments and check-in at reception and is also ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.

User accessing a restricted area with a visitor management kiosk access control panel.

Secure access control

Digital healthcare kiosks with integrated printers have the capability to print unique visitor badges with ease. Ensuring that your staff and visitors are identifiable improves security and reassures patients.

Kiosks can also be fitted with QR, barcode and biometric scanners for optimum security. Biometric scanners can ensure high-security areas of hospitals are only accessed by the correct staff.

Access control is important for all healthcare settings, such as hospitals, GP surgeries, opticians, mental health clinics, nursing homes and assisted living and dentists.


Interactive kiosks can be used for many rehabilitation programs, for those needing to relearn skills or to access dedicated programs on an interactive device.

Our Touchless kiosk is ideal for healthcare settings, not only does it reduce the spread of germs as much as possible by being completely frictionless, the gesture control technology is also ideal for stroke rehabilitation, medical imaging and training.

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