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How are iPad Kiosks Used in the Healthcare Industry?

From patient self check-in to reducing waiting room times, tablet kiosks are bringing many benefits to the healthcare industry.

Patients, administrative staff and physicians are using iPad and tablet kiosks in surgeries and hospitals to improve efficiency. We explore how and what they are used for in the healthcare industry:

  • Patient Check-in

The use of patient check-in kiosks at doctors’ surgeries and hospitals is abundant in 2016. Not only are they successfully reducing queues at reception and saving valuable time, but making patients feel more comfortable in sharing personal information.

For example, Grimsby’s Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital have installed 5 check in kiosks, allowing patients to check in for appointments and ensure their address and phone number is up to date.

  • Hospital KiosksExpo 10 Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Branded Graphic Panel

Hospital kiosks can also be used to book appointments and provide organization in the busiest hospital departments. Barnsley Hospital introduced hospital kiosks in its Outpatient Department, for patients to book their outpatient appointment without queuing for a receptionist. This reduces the queues at reception and frees up staff time usually spent directing patients around the hospital, as the system automatically tells them where to go.

  • Waiting Room Kiosks

Dentist, doctor and hospital waiting rooms can benefit from waiting room kiosks. In this scenario the tablet kiosks can be used to provide feedback, check future appointments and access information about the service.

  • Advanced Healthcare Kiosks

Healthcare kiosks are being set up all over the US, including supermarkets such as Walmart due to their multi-technical abilities.  Standard blood pressure machines are slowly being replaced by these advanced healthcare kiosks These can capture weight, height, test vision and quiz patients about their symptoms, prompting an over the counter medication suggestion, a visit to the doctor – via video conference or in person.

  • Medical Kiosks

American Well launched a series of medical tablet kiosks to bring specialists, such as a neurologist to a nurse’s station, patient’s bedside or to the operating room. Due to this doctors and patients are no longer limited by their location and can access specialists faster, improving the quality of healthcare and reducing the time to find the relevant specialist.

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