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Maximising Entertainment Value with Self-Service Kiosks

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As self-service kiosks become part of the day to day running of entertainment establishments, imageHOLDERS continue to showcase cutting edge solutions to enhance the CX.


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Theme Park self-service kiosk

Maximising Entertainment Value with Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are seamlessly integrated into the entertainment industry, offering customers swift access while boosting foot traffic for clients. Digital kiosks serve multiple purposes, satisfying various needs in one convenient solution.

Modern customers expect more from their entertainment experiences, seeking empowerment and uniqueness through personalised interactions. Digital solutions excel in creating tailored user journeys by collecting historical data and offering customer benefits like loyalty schemes and rewards. This holistic approach nurtures customer relations and empowers users.

So, what are the common applications of self-service kiosks in the entertainment industry?

  1. Theme Parks: Self-service kiosks have become a staple in the customer journey at theme parks. They offer easy check-in, capture customer data for visitor management purposes, and serve as retail tools for food and drink orders, enhancing on-site shopping experiences. Personalisation options enable kiosks to match the rides they are placed on, encouraging customers to purchase ride photos and memorabilia.
  2. Cinema: When visiting the cinema, self-service check-in kiosks are integral to the customer experience. Found in the foyer, they enable swift ticket access and provide essential information such as film listings, showtimes, and screen locations.
  3. Bowling: Enjoy your game without leaving your lane! Digital entertainment kiosks facilitate game booking and provide live scoring, along with options to order food, drinks, and extra games all from the comfort of your bowling lane.
  4. Video Gaming: As AI software advances, digital kiosks adapt to meet the evolving requirements. Current solutions house AI-powered conversational characters able to offer a fully interactive gaming experience. Able to react to movement as well as speech and sound recognition a fully immersive personalised gaming experience is created for the user.
Bowling Self-Service Kiosk

ROI (Return On Investment)

As well as enabling customer experience and evolving with the increasing demands of customer expectations. Digital self-service kiosks can offer the entertainment sector a holistic approach to revenue growth.

Here are ten reasons why digital kiosks maximize value for the entertainment industry:

  1. Improve efficiency, reducing waiting times and enabling staff redeployment.
  2. Provide 24/7 usage, offering the highest opportunity for foot traffic and productivity.
  3. Multilingual capabilities, ensuring unlimited user access.
  4. ADA and DDA compliance, empowering all users to access the kiosks.
  5. Nurture relationships by providing personalised user journeys.
  6. Enhance retention by allowing users to access loyalty schemes and customer bonuses.
  7. Offer upselling opportunities.
  8. Serve as information and wayfinding hubs, quickly displaying crucial data.
  9. Foster a sense of community, especially for gaming and gambling, with in-shop purchases more likely than online.
  10. Ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with future-proofed kiosks that can be easily adapted to evolving needs.

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