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Improve customer experience with self-service airport kiosks

Self-service airport kiosks have rapidly become essential for efficiency and security at border control. And with good reason. Airports implementing both self-check-in and passport kiosks have seen vast improvements in customer experience, offering streamlined access control that gives autonomy to travellers. In today’s article, we’re exploring how you can improve your own passenger experience with airport kiosks.


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Passport reader attachment for self-service airport kiosk.


When it comes to dealing with the large number of passengers passing through border control on a daily basis, airports are increasingly looking to automation. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by fitting your airline or check-in hall with airport kiosks. These feature a range of benefits, from enhancing security and safety through to providing an improved experience for travellers. Here’s a few different ways in which self-service and passport kiosks can enhance the airport experience:

1 Reduced queues

Self-check-in kiosks integrated with passport scanners are optimised to the airport space and are quick and intuitive to use. This allows more passengers to pass through border control in a shorter amount of time. Thus, queues and waiting times are reduced.

2 Greater autonomy

Whether it’s self-check-in, baggage drop, or passport control, digital airport kiosks allow passengers to take ownership of their travel experience. It’s worth bearing in mind that many people are often intimidated by the airport environment. However, the feeling of control that an automated, self-service process provides can improve the overall customer experience. Greater autonomy equals greater satisfaction.

3 Staff support

Automating access control processes with interactive airport kiosks can significantly free up staff time. This allows employees to focus on other tasks and, importantly, pay more attention to passengers. Being available to assist passengers that require extra help, without the need to rush back to border control duties, drastically improves customer service: passengers feel reassured, supported, and safe.

4 Accessibility

At imageHOLDERS, all our airport kiosks are ADA/DDA approved. Our self-service kiosk solutions can be deployed at different heights and fitted with braille, a headphone jack, and other devices to aid accessibility for all.

5 Efficiency and accuracy

Self-service airport kiosks are highly accurate, allowing little room for passengers inputting their own data to make mistakes. This alone helps to reduce issues arising at border control that come down to human error.

Overall, the efficiency of airport check-in kiosks can speed up the entire border control process for passengers in both arrivals and departures. Less time is spent performing airport access control tasks, such as checking in, and more time can be spent enjoying the trip.

Are you interested in our automated airport kiosk solutions? At imageHOLDERS, we produce optimal digital kiosks that are custom-made for your business. Streamline airport access control with fully integrated passport scanners, temperature check cameras, biometric readers, and more. Contact us today to get started.

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