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Advantages of Automated Passport Control Kiosks

There are three main purposes of airport self-service kiosks: boosting efficiency, streamlining security and enhancing customer experience. Interactive kiosk terminals at airports are now required to be more advanced, yet intuitive, than ever, as the solution needs to cater for vaccine passports and health screening as well as standard border access control processes.


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Digital Airport Access Control Solution

Initially, self-service airport kiosks were introduced to cope with the increasing number of passengers passing through airports daily. These new airport access control systems helped to service those who were travelling during less busy hours, to reduce staff required during these times, and to address the challenges regarding capacity constraints.

Now, airports also look to automated passport control to also provide a solution for digital vaccine passport checks and essential health screening, as a result of to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What Are The Benefits of Automated Passport Control Kiosks?

1 Greater Autonomy for Passengers

Rather than waiting in a long queue to check-in for the flight, scan passports, print boarding passes and bag drop luggage, customers can simply use one self-service kiosk solution to complete all of the above themselves. Scanning a QR code or a printed boarding pass with barcode using self-check-in kiosks allows for easy check-in. A clear screen display offers important instructions to the passenger to ensure a smooth and intuitive process.

Implementing automated passport control gives the passenger almost full control of their airport travel experience, resulting in increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and productivity of staff.

2 Adhere to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions and Requirements

imageHOLDERS modular airport kiosks allow for future updates, allowing companies to adhere to changing requirements in the travel industry. Now, it is essential for travel companies to follow government guidance when it comes to travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Airport self-service kiosks can be fitted with QR code scanners, which can scan vaccine passports and travel documents relating to Covid-19 health screening. This is likely to become the norm when travelling to and from high-risk countries for transmissible viruses.

Airport kiosks can be integrated with passport scanners and additional devices for biometric scanning, allowing for biometric enrolment programs, thus streamlining the screening and airport access control system further.

3 Reduce Waiting Times for new European Entry/Exit System (EU-EES) Regulation

New European Entry/Exit System (EU-EES) regulation requires facial identification and fingerprinting of migrants at Schengen borders, as a result, increased delays are expected.

Biometric scanners, such as fingerprint readers and facial recognition cameras, can be installed in imageHOLDERS airport kiosks to increase efficiency, thus reducing wait times. Additional benefits are greater autonomy for migrants enrolling biometric data and increased staff productivity due to being freed from manual the manual process of the EU EES regulation system.

4 Optimal Solution for Border Authorities and Staff

Self-check-in airport kiosks efficiently manage passenger flow, whilst capturing imperative data and managing safe and secure airport access control. This reassures border authorities that essential biometric acquisition, health screening and passport scanning are being taken care of by a self-service kiosk. These solutions then allow for staff to devote more time to other important tasks.

5 Reduced Transmission

The implementation of automated self-service kiosk solutions optimise airport space and reduce queues, therefore minimising the time that passengers spend in close contact in the same space with each other, thus decreasing the opportunity for Covid-19 transmission. In addition to making the airport safer and more efficient, interactive kiosks makes passengers feel more comfortable whilst travelling and, consequently, improves customer experience.

Automated passport kiosks also reduce physical contact, further lowering risk of virus transmission. The kiosk screen can be fitted with an anti-microbial screen, which reduces the build-up of bacteria, ensuring that the touchscreen offers optimum safety during the pandemic.

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