Technology revolution for in-store betting


Interactive digital kiosks are changing the face of instore betting services. Casino, betting and gambling kiosks can be used in betting retail shops and casinos to create an immersive experience for customers. Technology has transformed the gambling and casino industry, with self-service sports betting and casino kiosks eliminating common customer frustrations.

Our custom device integrations mean that gambling kiosks can accept cash, print receipts, allow contactless payment and more.





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imageHOLDERS Insights

How Technology Has Influenced the Gambling and Casino Industry

Since technology the impact from mobile apps and website gaming has changed the way the gambling industry is seen. With iPad kiosks, everything is changing.

Key benefits

Recapture remote market share

39% market share Oct 2017- Sep 2018

Stay current and increase choice

Use casino kiosks to showcase up-coming games with interactive demos to keep customers engaged.

Change the face of in-store betting

Transform out-dated traditional gambling floors. Create a modern, welcoming environment with on-brand betting kiosks.

Capture data and increase loyalty

Use digital kiosks as a survey point to capture accurate customer data and improve your services. Increase loyalty with interactive loyalty schemes and point systems.

Faster repair times

Our touch screen kiosks can get back up and running again quickly after a fault.

Stay current and increase choice

Increase the variety of games and stay on trend with the latest software.

Device Integration

Device Integration

Combine your iPad or tablet with any device securely within our enclosure to create the ultimate multi-functional tablet kiosk solution.

Our products

Our products

Our enclosures are created with the client in mind, from the cost-efficient Core to the Integrator Pro, our tablet and iPad kiosks suit all industries.